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10 APRIL 2024

Tuesday, January 31, 2023

'Too short to handle': Cops confirm woman barred from station over attire


A woman who wanted to lodge a police report was barred from entering the Kajang district police headquarters because she was wearing shorts.

Kajang police district chief Mohd Zaid Hassan said the sentry personnel advised the woman to change in keeping with "the dress codes for dealings in government premises".

The woman was there to lodge a report about a traffic collision at about 10.30am yesterday, he said.

"The woman was unhappy and initially refused to follow instructions and provoked the personnel on duty.

"The personnel once again courteously advised her to change into more suitable pants if she wanted to have dealings at a police station," he said.

He said the woman then drove off and returned about 15 minutes later, wearing long pants.

As such, he said, the perception that she was refused entry despite wearing "suitable pants" is untrue.

He said the perception was made because the news portal Free Malaysia Today published an article about the incident with a photograph showing the woman after she had changed into "suitable pants".

'Refused to give badge number'

The woman told FMT that she was wearing "Bermudas that covered (her) knees", contradicting Zaid's statement today that her shorts only came down to her thighs.

She also told the news portal she had asked for the badge number of the police personnel who denied her entry because she wanted to lodge a complaint, but he refused to give it to her.

She said she had met with an accident with a truck near her home in Batu Sembilan, Cheras and had gone to the Batu Sembilan police station to lodge a report.

However, she was advised to go to the Kajang district police headquarters instead.

She said she was not denied entry at the Batu Sembilan station despite wearing the same attire. - Mkini

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