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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Hard work can make us great again, says top civil servant

PUTRAJAYA: The chief secretary to the government today issued a rallying call to civil servants, telling them that only hard work and increased productivity can bring Malaysia out of its current doldrums and make it known as an economic powerhouse again.
“Civil servants must work harder to improve Malaysia’s position to boost the inflow of foreign direct investments (FDI) which would further increase the nation’s economic growth,” Ismail Bakar said at an event here to present public administration post-graduate diplomas to civil servants.
Ismail said Malaysia still lagged behind others in providing an efficient environment for businesses to operate, ranking 25th in the Global Competitiveness Index 2018.
He said he was confident that Malaysia would return as the “Asian Tiger”, as recently expressed by Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad, but added that foreign investment must improve for this to happen.
“It is our responsibility to meet the challenge to prove to the world that we are prepared to recover and rise as the Asian Tiger again.”
In his speech, Ismail also urged civil servants to have the courage to speak up.
“It is important for us to carry out our duty faithfully and with integrity,” he said.
He also said all government affairs must be executed without any conflict of interest.
“As civil servants, it is a huge responsibility for us to ensure that government administration is guided by the rule of law.” -Mkini

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  1. Most of them look like "reject items". Not forthcoming, their body languages....shows the kind of bad attitude they possess. At least show some enthusiasm....it's your No.1 Chief Executive giving his speech. Please pay due respect. Otherwise "Shape up or Ship out". As Mr Donald Trump favorite caption "You are fired"....


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