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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Middle East Snake Pit Part 2 : Erdogan, US, UK Move To Oust Salman And MBS

Folks, do read this very, very carefully. My comments follow.

younger brother of Saudi King Salman, Ahmed bin Abdulaziz Al Saud
arrived home from London to tackle "toxic" crown prince MBS 
under security guarantees of U.S., U.K., Middle East Eye reported Tues

Ahmed in his 70s, is Al Saud family member
son of King Abdulaziz, founder of Saudi state
he was not touched during last year's purge by MBS 
MBS not dare make enemy of children of founding father 

Ahmed "realized MBS toxic" 
open critic of crown prince
he is former interior minister
  • prince to play role to make changes
  • either he will play major role in new arrangement 
  • or choose alternative to MBS

confidence to go home because of senior status
U.S., U.K. assured "not be harmed" 
"encouraged him to play role of usurper"

My comments  :  The days of King Salman and his wacko son crown prince Mohamed bin Salman or MBS are numbered. 

This guy here is Prince Ahmed bin Abdelaziz Al Saud perhaps the last remaining son of the founder of Saudi Arabia King Abdelaziz Al Saud.

Just a few days ago the Saudis flatly turned down an official request by Turkey to extradite those 18 chop-chop murderers who killed and chopped up Jamal Kashoggi. This was to be expected. There is no way the Saudis would allow those 18 murderers to be tried in an open Court room in Turkey. 

(By the way Turkish police have still not found the body. The Turkish Police are also checking out the sewers running through the Saudi consulate. One theory is that the Saudis minced up Kashoggi's body to enable the body to be flushed down the toilet. More on that later.)

Back to the story - Erdogan still has all the cards up his sleeve.

The biggest cards are the audio and possible video tapes of Kashoggi being murdered. Frankly the Saudis will not care two hoots if Erdogan has evidence that will embarrass them or not. 

But it will certainly embarrass Trump and the British - the real rascals who also knew of the plot to murder Kashoggi.  The US and the UK will be terribly embarrassed.

Hence the above news story. At this point in history the US and UK really do not need  both King Salman and his wacko son Mohamed Bin Salman. But they still need Saudi Arabia. Hence the two will have to go.

The new hope on the ground in Saudi Arabia is the guy in the picture above Prince Ahmed bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, who has now been sent back to Saudi Arabia from his "exile" in London (where else?) 

He cabut from Saudi Arabia after MbS was appointed Crown Prince. Now he has boldly gone back under security guarantees provided by the US and UK.

How is this guy going to get King Salman and the Crown Prince to leave? 
He cant just walk up to them and tell them, "Please leave now".

There is going to some kind of fight.

Alternatively the US and UK will engineer a situation where this guy also gets his head chopped off. Then that will create a big outcry in Saudi Arabia and may cause a civil war (or at least a civil commotion) of sorts during which both King Salman and his sin MbS are taken out.  

Here is something else folks. US Ambassador to the United Nations Nimrata Kaur Rhandhawa aka Nikki Haley resigned her post suddenly on 9th October 2018.

Ambassador Nikki Haley 

The news going around now is that Nikki Haley wrote her resignation letter on October 3rd - just one day after Jamal Kashoggi was killed on October 2nd 2018.

Implying that the US and the UK already knew immediately on October 3rd itself that Kashoggi had been killed in Istanbul. They were just pretending not to know - and hoping no one else will find out. Either the coverup or the Great Istanbul Game had started. 

Nikki Haley did not wish to be part of any of this. 
That is why she resigned as the United State's top diplomat to the UN. 

The British Press now says the British already knew that Khashoggi was going to be killed. Here is some news :

The suggestion is Kashoggi was going to blow the whistle on the UK supplying chemical weapons to Saudi Arabia which the Saudis had used against the Yemeni people.

So this is a real thriller isnt it?

Here is a future movie script folks:

1. Khashoggi was going to expose the UK (and possibly the US) supplying chemical weapons to the Saudis which they used in Yemen.

2. This would really embarrass the US and UK.  (The Saudis do not give a sh_t, nothing can embarrass them).

3. So my guess is the UK (the hairline receding Brits are the real nasties in this world) "leaked" this info to MBS.  Telling him that they do not like Khashoggi squealing on them.

4. It is not beyond the Brits to order MBS to "take out" Khashoggi. Without British weapons the Saudis cannot continue the war in Yemen.

(The Turkish Police must check to see if those black mini vans made any stops at the British Embassy or buried anything in the British Ambassador's back yard. You never know. Or if there was a big old Rolls Royce waiting somewhere near that Belgrad forest).

5. After the shit hit the fan, and the whole world started screaming, the Brits have now amended the script accordingly. (Or was it all part of the plan?) It has now become too embarrasing. Too messy.  They decided to wash their hands off King Salman and MbS. They let MbS and the King take the blame. 

7. So the script has now changed : this new guy Ahmed bin Abdelaziz Al Saud has been sent from London back to Saudi by the Brits. Under security guarantees by both the US and UK.  His job is to 'engineer' the exit of King Salman and MbS.

8. If he succeeds in getting rid of and replacing Salman and MbS, he will obviously become another British American puppet. All the dirty British secrets about Yemen will get buried. 

If he is  instead killed  by MbS, both MbS and his father will get overthrown but in a more violent manner. Most likely heads chopped off.

8. There may or may not be an eruption in Saudi Arabia but something is going to happen.

9. Question : Why did they let Erdogan come out on tops in all this?  The Muslim Brotherhood may be buying new black shoes.

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