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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Yoursay: If we go after all corrupt former leaders, where do we stop?

YOURSAY | There’s no need to take them all to court, set up a truth commission instead.
Vijay47: How delightfully, deliciously wicked this torture before trial is. I can imagine countless homes of the once-omnipotent where anguish and terror now rule the day and much more the night.
This agony of anticipation, wondering whether your name is on the condemned endangered list, awaiting the fall of the axe is perfect retribution for those political heavy and lightweights who thought theirs was a kingdom to rule forever.
Alas, finally the squirrel missed its mark, as it was always destined to. Many here eagerly look forward to their favourite candidates being hauled up over the coals, my wish is that certain senior police officers also get a taste of their own medicine which they never took.
Whether retired or even if still serving, they must not enjoy exclusion from the very law they should have enforced better.
I am sure that all the “Good morning” calls in the world would, like the moving finger having writ, not wash away an iota of painful karma.
Ex-Wfw: PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad, you have the support of all Malaysians to do the spring cleaning.
We need a thorough cleaning so that any future kleptocrat will think thrice before attempting to commit such acts.
This action must be remembered by all future generations that using politics to plunder the nation cannot be tolerated by the people of this nation.
Clever Voter: At this rate, there will be no more leaders left at Umno. One cannot even discount others, including MCA and the rest.
The problem of corruption and bribery started on a big scale with the outbreak of Bumiputra Malaysia Finance (BFM) scandal. There are now easily more than 100 and more of such major financial scandals. Let's not forget cases such as the deposit-taking co-operative scandal.
Indeed, no economic sector was spared in the history of corruption in Malaysia. From banking to steel, Mahathir was the prime minister when these scandals took place.
But the difference between him and Najib was that the latter had his fingerprints all over the place. It was too obvious and big enough to even attract outsiders to investigate and even write best-selling books.
When Mahathir started to make noise, Najib chose to ignore it. Had he listened carefully, Najib could have walked away scot-free. But greed, complacency and over-confidence blinded his judgement, and he paid the price.
There are not many clean politicians in the establishment since independence. Perhaps the new breed of ministers could be an exception but they are too new to be judged.
Today, Najib will go down in history as one whose judgement was questionable in hindsight. But he is not the only one who has tainted character. There are many others.
Abasir: Instead of doing it "one by one", Mahathir should consider a modified version of the Nuremberg trials with all the thieves, their aides, runners and enablers in one room facing a full bench.
It may take up to three months to dispose of the cases. But the country will be free after that.
There is much to do to rebuild the country and the sooner this vermin is dealt with and removed from sight, the more focused our efforts can be to put this derailed country back on track.
JBond: As I said earlier, please set up a dedicated Umno court specially to tried those crooks in the corrupt party. Otherwise, we will have to wait for too long for action.
Vent: The sideshow of these criminals walking in and out of MACC is getting a trifle tedious and the logistics of trying them is worrisome too.
We will need a more efficient arrangement to dispose of the potentially multiple cases hinted at by Mahathir as suggested by Abasir and JBond.
And it would be much-needed entertainment if we could watch the freak show starring the Umnoputras!
Dizzer: Yes, I agree with Abasir and JBond. We need a modified version of the Nuremberg Trials and the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission.
If you go after all the corrupt former rulers, then where do you stop? 10% of DAP, 30% of PKR, 30% of Amanah, 80% of Bersatu, and 90% of Warisan MPs would have to be charged.
Malaysia needs to sentence about 20 of the most egregious offenders (hums to himself, “I've got a little list” from the Mikado) and then confiscate their loot and that of their extended families.
The rest should be invited to confess, apologise, and hand back whatever they can in return for an amnesty.
My view is that most of us are guilty, or at least complicit, either by omission or commission, in this national shame (my own son had a government-funded scholarship - although he is back here working off his bond).
Caripasal: How about former Sarawak chief minister Abdul Taib Mahmud?
We are waiting for explosive revelations from Taib, including those scandals in the 1980s. The attorney-general must charge him.
Tembikai: Abuse of power does not involve only money. For example, the case of covering up sexual harassment and plagiarism that is happening at National Defence University (UPNM).
Those responsible should also be hauled up and sacked for ruining the education system of the country.
Roger 5201: Najib's former aide Isham Jalil is right about one thing: Operasi Lalang has finally found its mark after 31 years with 83 charges against two seriously corrupted leaders and a highly paid RM9.5 million lawyer having "fun" in court.
It is not entirely fair to just go after Rosmah Mansor alone, please also check out Umno president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi’s wife Hamidah Khamis as well for her role in blowing some RM800,000 in credit bills and her Richard Mille watch.
Spinnot: "Spring cleaning" in "New Malaysia" - it does not matter how corrupt you are, cross over to Pakatan Harapan, then you are instantly "cleaned". - Mkini

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