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Monday, October 29, 2018

Who was it Najib, if it wasn't you?

On the subject of Altantuya Shaariibuu, Najib Abdul Razak wore to Al Jazeera he "never met her; never seen her; never knew of her existence".
And he further swore "he had no knowledge".
Then, the question is, why did he not bring to a closure to the matter by marshalling all the powers vested in him as the leader of a democratic nation throughout his tenure?
Why did he not do what all right-minded leaders and governments in the world would do to ensure the real culprits are brought to book with no stone left unturned?
The Altantuya murder continues to be the albatross hanging and now tightening around his neck.
He sounds so pathetic as he is grilled by a media that wants to unravel the truth that led to the mother of all murders in living memory.
Anyway, if he was never ever involved in any way by commission than what about his acts of omission that still leaves the murder an unsolved mystery till this date?
And if he is truly innocent as he persists, then who is the mastermind behind this deadly blasting to shreds of a frail woman using military-grade C4 explosives?
Who was it Najib, who?
And to say the least, you are happy imploring that you are innocent; that you have no knowledge; that you know nothing.
So what are the reasons that you chose to remain in the dark like all of us till this date without exercising your moral, ethical, religious and leadership responsibilities to find the real plotters and killers?
It seems that Najib since you have no involvement and no knowledge, it is okay to leave the mystery unsolved. -Mkini

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