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Monday, October 29, 2018

UMNO Haram Tak Haram, UMNO Wujud Tak Wujud Anjing Pun Tak Peduli Pot.

This is a very sad but predictable ending for a party that has actually been standing on a house of cards. 

The party leaders are being charged and locked up for corruption, criminal breach of trust and maybe other crimes as well. 

There are important lessons to be learnt here. No one cares about UMNO anymore. 

Whatever remaining UMNO MPs are considering leaving the party. 
Stalwarts like Tok Pa and Anifah Aman have already left UMNO. 

Despite having over 3.0 million members I think hardly 500,000 voted for the BN in the May elections. 

UMNO is dead. 

At long last the MCA is thinking of pulling out of the BN. 
Still thinking kah tau-geh? 

The lesson to be learnt is that UMNO became NOT RELEVANT to people.

Just like Muslims all over the world. They are also NOt RELEVANT to the well being of their neighbours.

Kekawan, dengar baik-baik. You are only relevant if your neighbours feel that they need your presence.  If your neighbours feel that they can live BETTER without your presence (this includes animals like dogs) then you are NOT RELEVANT to the existence of other people (and animals). You become NOT RELEVANT.

Of course you can say 'WHO CARES?'

Of course others will also say the same towards you.

But your problem is YOU ARE NOT RELEVANT. 

This is what is happening to UMNO.
No one cares about UMNO.
The world is a better place without UMNO.
That is the meaning of NOT RELEVANT. 

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