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Thursday, May 31, 2018


What is this nonsense la….
excerpts 1;
Mukhriz said Rafizi should not question the winning factor but instead accept the fact that victory was achieved and several states have formed the government.
“We feel that the question over the winning factor should no longer arise as the results are already known and the government has been formed. As such, it is not necessary to bring up these issues.”
excerpts 2;
Earlier the Malaysia Insight portal reported that the popularity of Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad was not the winning factor for PH in the GE14. Instead, it was the rising cost of living and the implementation of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) which had resulted in PH success in defeating the Barisan Nasional (BN).
The former Pandan MP said that the matter was proven based on a post-GE-14 survey conducted by Invoke Malaysia, which found that voters were more affected by these two issues compared to loyalty to Tun Dr Mahathir.
I’m all with Mukhriz here.
What la this Rafizi….I think he’s feeling quite sore that he didn’t really get to join the PH victory party.
Hey, no matter how much he wanted to spin, everyone knows that without Dr Mahathir, there’s no way PH could have beaten BN in GE14.
It was all about Dr Mahathir leading the charge to topple Najib.
It was the hate for Najib, which was nurtured since three years ago following his fight with Dr Mahathir which finally defeated BN.
The other issues that Rafizi mentioned were not strong enough to trigger the Malaysians tsunami of GE14.
I also think that Rafizi is coming out with such a theory in order to remain relevant.
He must be worried that his arch-opponent in PKR Azmin is steadily getting stronger under the wings of the handsome old man.
Or maybe Rafizi is preparing the ground work for Anwar’s take over of the premiership from Dr Mahathir two years from now….or earlier.
I’m quite sure Anwar doesn’t like the idea of himself assuming the PM post being shadowed by the aura of Dr Mahathir, who is now considered to be the saviour of this country….at least by PH supporters.
Or maybe he’s not very sure that Dr Mahathir will really give him the PM post at all, thus the need for his favourite boy Rafizi to do the hatchet job.
Quite possible, right?
And then there were all those meetings Anwar had with royalties that we know don’t really like Dr Mahathir very much.
Well, don’t know lah.
I just have a bad feeling about all these.
Maybe we are going to see another big fight soon.
It’s getting quite endless, right.
Anyway, I think the Pribumi Bersatu people need to brace themselves for what’s coming their way.
Their party, with just 13 parliament seats should more or less be considered a junior in PH.
Anwar’s PKR is the biggest with 47 seats….or is it 51 (not sure whether those independents have jumped over)
Maybe Pribumi Bersatu people could get DAP to help them in case Anwar and his boys decided to steam-roll over them.
I suspect Amanah will go along with Anwar’s PKR because it’s leaders have about the same supposedly “modern Islamic” background as the soon to be PM.
Or maybe Pribumi Bersatu could get help from Umno and Pas in the event DAP doesn’t want to side with it.
But that effectively means that Pribumi Bersatu will be out of PH.
That would be sad, actually.
Dr Mahathir won the GE14 for them only to have his Pribumi Bersatu kicked out of PH.
I know some of you are laughing reading these thoughts of mine, but really, this is politics and anything could happen.
Seriously, Pribumi Bersatu doesn’t look very comfortable at the moment, especially with Rafizi running down Dr Mahathir like that.
And it’s not even a month after their GE14 victory.
p.s ; Actually I prefer the Dr Mahathir-Azmin pair than the Anwar-Rafizi one. For one thing, Dr Mahathir and Azmin are more handsome.
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