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Thursday, May 31, 2018

Sirul Azhar Umar…wither he goes?

GE14 has flushed out of the woodwork a few of Malaysia’s low life that we would rather forget.  Tony Fernades is the guy who started this “any one can be an Idiot” cavalcade that we now have to bear reluctant witness to. 
After Tony came Khairy Jamaluddin who shared with us what he DID NOT DO before GE14. He did not open his eyes to the dedak and the arrogance around him in Umno and BN. Here is the thing with KJ….when he himself is up close and personal and up to his armpit in the filth and dedak, it is hard for him to see the forest for the trees.
Then there was Rafizi Ramli. A Superstar of sorts before GE14 until he opened his mouth after GE14, and INVOKE or no INVOKE, he managed to put his foot in his mouth every time he opens it.  Now that upstart of a Superstar is fast losing his razzle and dazzle super fast!!!
And now comes that guy held in detention in Sydney trying have his day in the Idiot box. Yes the guy who never fails to say his prayer daily has started to work his magic quite like the medicine man in Jalan Chow Kit tries to work his magic to draw customers to the “medicine” he has to sell. 
Sirul fires his first salvo by telling the media that he wants to come home to Malaysia and tell the truth about the Altantuya muder. So far so good. We want him to do so. Mahathir wants him to do so a few years back – but now that the old man is prime minister, he has a few other things he must do first before Sirul case can make it pass Mahyuddin (as Minister of Home Affairs) and then to Tun for his consideration. Australia wants him to go home too, thank you so very very much. The inmates in Villawood too has had enough of him for they do not like any Cops…and when that Cop is a killer…wow… banyak susah lah for that Cop. So what is the problem about Sirul coming back to K Hell?
Well Sirul first told us last week that he wants a Full Pardon…not an appeal to commute his death sentence to life…but the same pardon that Anwar Ibrahim had so that he will not only be free, but his murder of Altantuya never happened !!!
That was last week. This week he tells us that he did not kill Altantuya. He tells us his life is not safe in Villawood. Now he tells us his life will not be safe in Malaysia…so where the f**k will he be safe?
To tell you guys the truth…I don’d f**king care whether he is safe anywhere…in Sydney or K Hell. For all I care, send him anywhere just as long as he understands that no one cares if he is rotting in Villawood or in Bamboo River. Put him somewhere where he STFU, throw the key away and let this killer of Altantuya starts to understand that taking the life of an innocent women and leaving her children without a mother, is wrong. 
Let this bastard spend every day of his life lock up for what he did to Altantuya. Let this idiot understand that he is filth, and not worth anything to anybody. Let him not spend a single Hari Raya free. Not a single day free…not a single hour of his life anywhere else but locked up in a cell paying for the murder of Altantuya….all thsi I want of him until he understands what is the right thing to do to start the path to his own salvation and rehabilitation. Until he does…he can rot where he now is.
But…and here is the BUT that needs to be attended to.  
The public needs to know the part that Najib, Rosmah, the three Datuk Lawyers,  that Shafee guy …….and a few others who were involved in making money from Altantuya’s death by riding on the back of Sirul and his incarceration in Villawood in Sydney. I have already wrote about the involvement of the three datuks and their despicable deliberate taking advantage of Sirul’s gullibility and stupidity by being complicit in making Sirul do the video from Villawood exonerating Najib from the Altantuya’s murder. There are things that Razak Baginda and Musa Safri still have to tell us. Then there is Rizal Mansor…yes Rosmah Mansor’s aide, who collected millions supposedly for the defence of Sirul…and pocked the money himself.  etc etc etc.
How all this is to be resolves and exposed will be for the PH government to deal with….not Sirul. With or without Sirul everything else will be revealed in good time as people come forward to tell, under oath, their part in the sad, sordid murder of Altantuya, the subsequent trial and the aftermath of that murder and their part in it for personal financial gain. All  this was possible because we had a corrupt Najib as Prime Minister, a bitch call Rosmah as his wife….greedy lawyers and others who were out to make big bucks from the murder of Altantuya…and all this was possible because we had a stupid idiot call Sirul who thought that he could make RM25 million ringgit for his murder of Altantuya.
Yes you heard that right…this Idiot reallt, really, really think that he can make RM$25 million from the crime and live happily ever after in Australia !! Woi Sirul…no way brother…not if I have anything to do with it….not if the Australian Border Patrol has anything to do with it, not if the Australian Courts have anything to do with, not if the Australian Government has anything to do with is….and last and not least…not if the Australian people have anything to do with it. And…ini belum masuk apa Rakyat Malaysia nak Kerajaan PH buat dengan this Sirul !!!
As the Australians will say of people in Sirul’s situation…Bro you are Dead Meat ! Or as the Chinese say back in K Hell…”Die standing ma”…and the Malays? “Mampus Engkau !!!” - steadyaku47

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