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Thursday, May 31, 2018

With hope and patriotism, they give to debt fund

Donors tell FMT that although they could only donate small amounts to Tabung Harapan Malaysia, their contributions were made with love of country.
RM7 million has been received by Tabung Harapan Malaysia within 24 hours. (Reuters pic)
PETALING JAYA: Khoo Hui Lin might not currently be in Malaysia, but that has not stopped her from contributing RM200 from her monthly salary to the Tabung Harapan Malaysia.
Khoo, 21, has been undertaking a business administration course in Taiwan for the past two years. Her love for her country made her want to chip in to help the government reduce its debt.
Khoo is among numerous Malaysians at home and abroad who have been making personal donations to the government’s crowdfunding initiative announced by Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad yesterday.
On why she felt compelled to contribute, she told FMT: “It is simple – because I am a Malaysian.”
She works part-time at a beverage shop, and although the amount she gave was small, she believed that “many a little makes a mickle” and Malaysia could have a bright future.
Hasfizullah Mokhtar, an operations director with restaurant chain Dapur Penyet Malaysia, said he had donated RM200 as he loved the country and had always admired Mahathir, 92, who was previously in power for 22 years up to 2003.
“I am 37 years old this year and with Mahathir as a prime minister again, I am excited. This is such a big opportunity for Malaysia to see changes,” he said. “I only donated RM200. It might seem small but what is important is that I have done my part as a Malaysian to also help the country,” he said.
Hasfizullah said he was not alone, as his colleagues at work and his wife had also made donations.
An accounts executive who wished to remain anonymous also said his patriotism had made him join others in donating RM200 to the fund.
“Seeing our prime minister work so hard to solve the problem and most of the ministers set an example by cutting their salaries by 10% made me feel that I had to do something too,” he added.
He hoped that Malaysia would become a safer country and the economy would improve under the new government so that people need not work overseas because of higher living costs at home.
IT Consultant Brandon Wong said he did not want to be left behind helping to reduce the national debt.
“I have donated RM500. I think it is a brilliant idea, to contribute towards a brighter and glorious future, especially for our next generations,” he said.
Jasmine Chong, who gave RM300, said people were contributing because they all cared about the country’s problems. “We ask nothing in return as what we do is for the beloved nation,” she told FMT.
The government’s official debt currently stands at RM686.8 billion, which is 50.8% of the gross domestic product (GDP). Its other liabilities are RM199 billion in commitments towards government guarantees and RM201 billion in project lease payments. - FMT

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