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10 APRIL 2024

Thursday, May 31, 2018

The Perlis Menteri Besar Crisis, The Authority of the Royal Houses.

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The Menteri Besar crisis in Perlis is a slippery slope. But for who?

UMNO/BN won 10 of the 15 State seats. So they get to form the government. Shahidan Kassim the BN Chief wants his brother to be the MB. The Raja of Perlis said no.  The Raja of Perlis wanted someone else. So the someone else was called to the Istana and sworn in as the new MB. This was last week. The remaining NINE BN State reps did not attend the swearing in. It became quite embarrassing for the Raja.

Then a few hours after the MB was sworn in, he was promptly expelled from the UMNO party by Shahidan Kassim. This makes the situation untenable because the new MB now is without a party and has no other support in the State Legislature. The MB does not command the support of the majority of the State representatives. 

Which only embarrasses the Raja of Perlis even more because his choice of Menteri Besar does not have the "confidence" of the State Assembly. 

As a solution, UMNO/BN then sent all 10 of its State reps for an audience with the Raja so that the Raja may get to know them better. It is said that the Raja of Perlis spent half an hour with each of the reps. That means about FIVE hours of getting to know you.  Then he is supposed to pick one person to be the new MB.

What if the Raja of Perlis picks someone who is not the candidate agreed to by the UMNO/BN Chief ie Shahidan Kassim? Shahidan can always expel the guy from the party too. Then it will be back to square one.

Two weeks after the elections Perlis does not have a functioning State government. 

This seems to be a tussle between Shahidan Kassim and the Raja of Perlis. 

Shahidan Kassim seems to have the due process of the elections behind him. Hia party (UMNO/BN) has won 10 of 15 State seats. There is no question that UMNO/BN will form the government.

The fact that Shahidan Kassim can get 9 out of his 10 State reps NOT to support the Menteri Besar of the Raja's choice will cripple the State government.  And embarass the Raja of Perlis even more.

Shahidan is quite determined. But in this case it is a simple democratic process.  

In the run up to the elections, the Sultan of Johor made a clear statement to the people of Johor (the bangsa Johor) to support the government of Najib Razak.  

The people of Johor did not listen to him at all. Johor swung completely against UMNO and Najib Razak. Johor was the biggest upset for the BN.  It is quite an embarrassment for the Royal House that the Sultan's open "titah"  went unheeded by his subjects.  What happens now to the "bangsa Johor"?

The country really needs to evolve to the next level. We all have to abide by the laws and the due process of democracy in this country.  

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