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Thursday, May 31, 2018

UMNO Is Dead And Gone

What is going to become of UMNO? 
Will UMNO "re-invent" itself? 
Will UMNO be relevant anymore? 

The quick answer is NO. This is the end of UMNO.

Here is a letter dated 22nd May, 2018 sent by Babuji to all UMNO bahagians.

The letter says to all UMNO bahagians,  wings etc that  :

1. HQ sudah habis duit.  
2. Mula Mei 2018, monthly allowance takdak.
3. Tapi aktiviti semua mesti jalan macam biasa.

There is no more money from their head office. But the bahagians are supposed to carry out their activities as usual. 

This is not going to happen.  
UMNO is a money party. 
Got money got action. 
No money kentut pun tak jadi.

This is a political party whose millionaire ketua bahagian have been living a "hand to mouth" existence. They get a million, they spend a million. Or more. Then tomorrow they ask for another million, and then spend another million.

The cars, houses, the dangdut in Jakarta (by the way a few dangdut clubs in Jakarta may close down), the lavish life styles etc have all come to an end.

This party lived for money. Their perjuangan became money.

Now without the free money, do you seriously think these people will still have a perjuangan? I dont think so.

The Java Man is worth say a billion Ringgit. 
Slumberjack's son in law (by the way did Slumberjack say anything about UMNO's loss - got enough money stashed away kah?) has a few hundred million Ringgit stashed away. 

Do you think Java Man or the Son In law will take out even one sen from their cash hoard and spend it on the party?  I dont think so.

That money is theirs. You cannot touch that.

Here is an old picture of Wanita UMNO women. None of them is wearing a tudung. They were possibly more intelligent then.  But these were the women who donated their gold earrings, gold rings, chains and other ornaments to UMNO when the party was poor and in need of funds. That was the intensity of their commitment then.

Look at this picture :

Patik sembah cium bontot tuanku. Boleh ke?

This is the disgusting level UMNO has sunk to and worse. 
Give me some money and I will kiss your butt.

It should be surprising but it is not.  They have been kicked out because they are a corrupt organisation. Yet UMNO has refused to acknowledge that they are a corrupt party. They have not apologised to the whole country that they systematically stole money from the people.

They have NOT acknowledged their faults. They have not even said openly "Yes we have lost very badly because of our extreme weaknesses".  Not even a simple statement like that.

Some of these monkeys have said that the RM114 MILLION cash confiscated from the Super Moron's houses / apartments actually belongs to their party !!  They want that money to be returned back to them!!  

That money is yours? In 26 different denominations?? US Dollar, Japanese Yen, Sri Lanka Rupee, Indon Rupiah, etc etc? Sri Lankan Rupee ?? UMNO ada cawangan di Sri Lanka kah?

The Super Moron has resigned from party posts. What about the entire leadership? The entire UMNO leadership - Java Man, H2O, the SIL plus the Majlis Tertinggi should all resign and be gone. Have they done that? 

No. Too much money is at stake.  They really believe they can make a come back and return to dealing and stealing.  They cannot. Without free flowing money, UMNO is dead.  This party ran on RM100 fuel.  

I think the UMNO cawangans are going to start closing down - one by one. Or they will  begin changing the logo on their cawangan.


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