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Friday, June 29, 2018

Arab Saudi Guna Duit Haji Untuk Bunuh Manusia.

Tunisia religious official calls for Hajj boycott over brutal Saudi-led war in Yemen
religious official called on country's grand imam to issue fatwa 
to discourage people from performing Hajj over Saudi regional wars

Fadhel Ashour, Tunisian Union of Imams, made remarks on Arabi21

money that goes to Saudi from Hajj not used to help poor Muslims 
Instead it is used to kill and displace people . . in Yemen

Tunisians should boycott Hajj 
spend money domestically to improve conditions of Tunisians 

More than 10,000 Yemenis killed, 53,000 wounded 

My comments :  Here is some goods news.  After all my screaming and hollering for three years our new Cabinet has now decided to pull out our troops from Saudi Arabia:

The point by the Tunisian Imam is valid. Is your pilgrimage valid if the money that you pay the Saudis (for the pilgrimage) is used also to kill human beings in Yemen?

It becomes "blood money".  The blood of the Yemeni people is also on your hands.

But who gives a shit. They are only Yemenis. Bloody Shia Houthis at that. They deserve to die dont they? Let them get their heads blown off and lets see their women and children die. Die. Die.  I kill you !!

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