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Saturday, June 30, 2018

Ex-MB Khaled attacks Najib for forcing loyalty from members

Khaled Nordin says he once asked Najib to face the problems posed by 1MDB and not live in denial.
Former Johor MB Khaled Nordin says Najib Razak used ‘all sorts of Islamic concepts’ to extract loyalty from members.
JOHOR BAHRU: Johor Umno chief Mohamed Khaled Nordin claimed he was attacked and targeted by the “people” and stooges of Najib Razak when he criticised the former prime miniser over 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB).
Khaled, who is vying for the Umno vice-presidential contest, said the “people” included those in the Pasir Gudang division.
“I remember when the stories of 1MDB first cropped up.
“When the president came to Pasir Gudang, I clearly reminded the president that Umno was problematic and we could not live in denial.
“After that, I was attacked and targeted by the president’s people and the stooges, including those in the Pasir Gudang division.
“Finally, I decided not to reprimand the president. Just supported him,” he said when opening the Pasir Gudang Umno division delegates’ meeting here.
He said Najib used “all manner of tactics to extract members’ loyalty”.
“He used all sorts of Islamic concepts to protect his personal interests. So, this is another mistake. A mistake that should not be repeated.
“We must dare to reprimand the president and any of our leaders. Reprimand with truth. Live with the truth. And fight with the truth,” he said.
Khaled said that Umno’s approach in choosing to insult statesman Dr Mahathir Mohamad was also among the factors for the fall of Umno and Barisan Nasional in the election.
He said they took the easy way by attacking, insulting, raking up old deeds and mocking the descendants of Mahathir but forgetting the fact that Mahathir had served the nation.
“Because of our stubborn and arrogant attitude, the people become increasingly angry with us.
“Because of our stubborn and arrogant attitude too, Mahathir finally got the opportunity and avenue to return to the people and was given the honour and trust to re-helm Malaysia.
“We admit we do not really know how to deal with him in a mature and strategic manner.”
He said Umno also failed to adhere to the value of serving the nation and often claimed that the Malays should thank Umno for all the goodness done.
“We used Umno as a way to seek influence, name and wealth, not to make Umno a charity and service movement for the Malays,” he said.
Khaled reminded Umno members that it would take a long time for the party to recover.
“Here is our destiny. We are destined to undergo an ordeal to carry out this task. We are destined to restore Umno. Perhaps as a penitence for our mistakes for neglecting the trust of the race.
“Then now, we have to choose. Want to continue this Umno, or let it disappear from Malaysia’s politics.
“Whoever chooses to leave Umno, we respect the decision.” -FMT

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