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Saturday, June 30, 2018

Yoursay: KJ roared for rakyat? Not so fast, we’ve not forgotten

YOURSAY | 'You couldn't even squeak at your allegedly corrupt president from your own party.'
Malaccan: Roar for the rakyat? Malaysians have not forgotten - even if Umno members are still fooled and silly enough to believe party presidential candidate Khairy Jamaluddin have - that he and his ilk had stood silent when massive misconduct had been carried out under their watch and in their midst.
Khairy has not shown his remorse in a sufficiently weighty manner nor taken appropriate steps to convince anyone he has cleansed his taint.
He thinks he can sidestep the issue like his previous boss and paint a picture of him as outside of the circle when it is clear he hardly whimpered, much less roared, when he was in cabinet.
Malaysians should not expect him to do more than he has done, unless it is for his personal benefit.
To reiterate, Khairy was in the thick of things as a member of cabinet and in the highest echelons of Umno power when the country was raped and ravished by those empowered and allowed to do so through the cabinet and Umno leadership.
Worse, he stood silent and in fact defended such actions, and now wants to make us believe he and Umno were separate and he was uninvolved.
Khairy is repositioning to make the thieves' accomplices appear as the victims. Accomplices who had benefited from dastardly acts are no less base and craven, except they had not the guts nor the brains to do it themselves.
Khairy should not be let off for his part in the national scandal, in which he is implicated even by association or inaction, whether it was inadvertent or a direct act.
He must bear responsibility for what had happened to the country, and not be entrusted with more rewards by jumping the leadership queue.
It is sickening to see Khairy present himself in his image-building exercise as a saviour of some sort, of his party and by extension, of the nation.
He was part of the team that devoured the nation's trust and riches, and he should be rejected for the failure that he is, even if he himself is not charged for any offence.
David Dass: Khairy, you should have roared for the rakyat when you were in government. You whimpered then.
And you want to roar when you are now in the opposition, against a government that had roared for the rakyat when they were in the opposition, and are roaring for the rakyat now.
But that is okay. An effective opposition is essential for checks and balances. It will be necessary for BN and Umno to acknowledge their mistakes of the past.
However, these were not small mistakes and they were not errors of judgement. They were deliberate actions designed to take money out of the system.
They also involved abuse of power and the use of the law and law enforcement agencies to oppress, obstruct and harass those who dared roar for the rakyat then.
Remember the things you had done. And roar for truth and roar for justice.
Vijay47: Oh dear, it now appears that after former premier Najib Razak, Khairy is also is deep in denial and living in delusion; it must be some Umno genetic defect. 
You coyly say you are popular; I won't comment on that except to add that it is natural for some people to have strange tastes.
So when you triumphantly enter Parliament like Caesar Augustus, you will roar like a lion, convincing your fellow Umno beings that defeat is just illusory, or like vice-president Hishammuddin Hussein would say, a matter of perception. 
Speaking of which, where is he by the way? Malays are now assured that Umno did not lose in the general election, it merely assumed a new role in its mission to protect 'bangsa, agama, and negara' (race, religion and country), although it would be useful if you could reveal, “protect them from what?” 
Any attempt by you to roar, like a lion, a hyena, or other creatures of the wild, would be a welcome change since you have hitherto been better known to meow like a cat or more occasionally, squeak like a rat. 
It must be an Umno vocalisation defect.
Anonymous 2475091498015598: Yes, a lot of hot air by this rookie in politics. He's not a thoroughbred politician as he rose to this level because of his father-in-law, former premier Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.
He did not go to the ground to do any social work like PKR vice-president Rafizi Ramli had. He has to prove his mettle for him to be presidential material.
Between competitor Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah (Ku Li) and Khairy, I would go for Ku Li despite the latter's chequered career in Umno.
Khairy is ambitious but not a visionary. It would be a shame if he got elected.
Anonymous_1421806811: Khairy and Umno should give up the slogan, "Demi bangsa, agama dan negara". After 60 years, it had failed the rural Malays miserably.
Please think of a new slogan and a new propaganda campaign. We are tired of listening to the broken record that DAP is the enemy. Please stop thinking like an Umno goon and put your Oxford-trained brains into practice.
Anonymous#007: The only change in Umno's manifesto is from "How to cling to power so we can create, support and abuse pro-Malay policies in order to get richer quicker" to "How to grab back power so we can create, support and abuse pro-Malay policies in order to get richer quicker".
For Khairy, I can see the gleam in his eyes in his ambition to become prime minister one day, now that the brave rakyat had roared on May 9, and gotten Najib out of his way, something Khairy was too much of a coward to do himself.
A mouse cannot roar. You, like many other Umno members, are in politics to serve yourselves, and you serve the rakyat only when you need their votes.
Speaking Sense: For someone too timid to even whimper before the great thief, chest thumping by Khairy after the event will not convince anyone and is quite useless for the country.
Ditto for the other candidates in the party presidential race. Ditto for Umno.
Close shop and start all over again, and maybe someone useful will emerge after 60 years. - Mkini

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