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Saturday, June 30, 2018

New NGO formed to push for abolition of Sosma, Poca, Pota

The organiser says NGO will send memorandum to abolish these 'unjust' laws and for PH government to fulfil its promise stated in election manifesto.
Some of the family members of detainees at the meeting to set up an NGO to demand for the abolition of ‘draconian’ acts like Sosma.
KUALA LUMPUR: Having his brother detained under the Security Offences (Special Measures) Act 2012 (Sosma) for the last two years, Mahathir Abdul Rahman wants the new government to repeal the act which he said was unfair and served unclear purposes.
He said his brother was detained without a clear reason, adding that the act was existed only to persecute victims.
“My brother has spent the last three years in prison under Sosma. He was a police mechanic, accused of supporting violence, hiding information and debating (berbai’ah).
“There was no clear proof of him doing that, but he was detained anyway. And he has another 12 years to go to serve the punishment.
“I believe that many of the detainees are being oppressed under this act.
“Due to that, I have reached out to all the families of those detained under Sosma, the Prevention of Crime Act (Poca) and Prevention of Terrorism Act (Pota) to attend today’s meeting.
“We have agreed to set up an NGO to call for the government to abolish Sosma and similar acts.
“As the organiser and chairman, I invited people across the nation to come here today. Lawyers are also here together,” he told reporters today after meeting families of Sosma detainees.
He said he had been thinking of creating the group over the past three years after his brother was detained.
He hoped this movement could follow the success of the NGOs created to demand that the Internal Security Act (ISA) be abolished.
Nurul Aini, wife of Mustaza Abdul Rahman, who was detained under Sosma.
Sharing the same feelings, Nurul Aini Muhd Yunos wants Sosma to be abolished so her husband could be released.
She said her husband was caught by police at their house on June 29 two years ago.
“It was a shock and they detained him for some unclear reason.
“They said my husband was guilty of supporting terrorism following messages that had been circulating on the Telegram app, but it wasn’t my husband’s doing.
“His phone was hacked by someone else and police know all about that.”
She said her husband was treated as a terrorist when taken by police to court and he was traumatised by the experience.
She hoped the NGO would demand for the act to be abolished.
About 60 families were represented at the meeting.
Muamar Gadaffi Muhamad Shafawi, 62, said his son was supposed to be detained under Sosma for five years. However, his punishment was extended another 15 years.
He said his son was accused of promoting terrorism while preaching but claimed there was no proof of him doing that.
“The whole reason for my son being detained is very secretive. I wish to help him in any way I can.”
Ponny Subramoniam wants Sosma to be abolished so her husband, who was detained three months ago, will be released.
Ponny Subramaniom’s husband was detained three months ago in a police raid on their house.
“He was accused of having connections with Gang 18, but I know my husband has nothing to do with such activities.
“We have been living together for more than 10 years and he never hurt me before.
“They just took my husband away without solid proof,” she said.
The 31-year-old mother of four hoped this NGO would be strong enough to get her husband released so that they could continue a normal life.
‘Poca and Pota should also be abolished’
A lawyer, Faizal Rahman, who handles Sosma detainees, said Sosma, Poca and Pota should be abolished as these acts oppressed detainees.
He said concerned lawyers like him would assist the NGO so that a memorandum can be sent to the government.
“The Pakatan Harapan government had previously promised to abolish such acts, as stated in its election manifesto (Promise 27).
“The abolition does not require money. What is needed is a detailed discussion or review.” -FMT

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