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Friday, May 31, 2019

Hindu NGO wants to work with Penang gov't to help Indian community

The Hindu community has pledged to work with the Penang government to ensure the welfare of Indians is protected and well taken care of.
Penang Hindu Association (PHA) president P Murugiah said the NGO met with Chief Minister Chow Kon Yeow and both sides agreed to cooperate over the matter.
Murugiah said during the meeting held in Komtar, he raised numerous problems faced by the Indian community in the state.
"Among the issues raised were the need to set up a home for senior citizens that also caters for Indians, and employing Tamil-speaking officers at service centres of the elected representatives to help the community," Murugiah told Malaysiakini.
Murugiah said the state was also asked to seriously look into the setting up of a Tamil secondary school in Penang as promised.
“We also request that Indian officers be employed at state agencies related to heritage and tourism, ” he added.
“PHA, being a body that serves the community in meeting its many needs such as finance, medical attention and education, needs some financial assistance from the state government.”
Murugiah also told Chow that PHA had conducted more than 500 burials of unclaimed bodies over the last 30 over years.
Educational camps
Most of the unclaimed bodies were from Penang General Hospital, old folks' homes and orphanages in the state.
"The unclaimed bodies included foreigners,” he said.
At the same meeting, another representative, Dr S Balasubramaniam, said the association is seeking support from the state government to conduct educational camps in schools for Indian students with disciplinary problems.
“A total of 21 schools have requested us to conduct the camps to help these students,” said Balasubramaniam, who is also the PHA education bureau head.
In an immediate response, Chow told the NGO that they could discuss the proposal to set up homes for Indian senior citizens.
“Being an NGO that has been involved in so many good works for the benefits of the community, we will also consider the appeal for grant, " Chow told PHA.
“I think Penang is blessed to have many NGOs working in different areas with different missions and objectives to serve the communities,” Chow added. - FMT

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