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Thursday, May 30, 2019

Maritime cooperation with Indonesia to be intensified ahead of Raya

Marine police and their Indonesian counterparts have been working closely on intelligence sharing and intensifying operations in patrolling the waters of both countries ahead of Aidilfitri celebrations.
Marine police Region One deputy commander Dimin Awang said the close collaboration and continuous surveillance operations from both parties were crucial, especially in combating transnational crime.
“For instance, we know that there are Indonesians who use rat trails despite the ferry services available in Hutan Melintang, Teluk Intan and Klang, and we believe there are syndicates involved in helping them using the illegal routes.
“Hence both countries will step up patrols to curb human trafficking, as well as cigarette, liquor and drug smuggling activities,” he said.
Dimin told reporters at the Sea @ Rendezvous meeting and iftar with Indonesian maritime police (Polair) representatives in the waters of the Strait of Malacca last night.
During the event, a total of 18 personnel, including from the marine police, the Perak branch of the Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry and Fisheries Department boarded a PA50 patrol boat to meet representatives from Polair, who arrived on a Kresna patrol boat from Belawan.
Also present was North Sumatera maritime and air police director Yosi Muhamartha.
Meanwhile, Yosi said the issue of smuggling activities and illegal immigrants along the waters of the Indonesia-Malaysia border need be taken seriously and required close cooperation between two countries.
“In such meeting, we can exchange intelligence in instances such as violations of the law or smuggling activities, as well as to provide us with the information, for surveillance purposes,” he said.

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