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Friday, May 31, 2019

How to persuade Malaysians to switch to electric cars

It is not easy to convince a combustion engine driver/owner to make the switch to sustainable, clean and quiet electric mobility.
One thing is clear – drivers who have been happily driving a petrol or diesel-powered vehicle since they passed their driving tests need more than just articles from the media, or videos showing the destruction of the earth and the lower running costs of electric vehicles to persuade them to sell their combustion powered vehicles for a clean driving vehicle, an electric car.
Malaysia could try and use the formula that has worked well in Norway for years. The time is “now” and not tomorrow to start this.
Norway has been a forerunner in the introduction of electric cars for several years, which is also reflected in its leading position in renewable energy feeding its energy grid, making it a real electric car halo market.
Almost every third vehicle sold in Norway in 2018 was electric. In the first quarter of 2019, almost every second vehicle registered was an electric car.
A common sight. Last year every sixth electric car sold in Norway was an e-Golf and there is a very good reason for this – in this forward-looking market, pure electric and fuel cell vehicles are not subject to any import tax.
In addition, electric cars in Norway are not subject to the 25% VAT on motor vehicles, which is otherwise added to the value of the vehicle after customs and import taxes.
Thanks to this tax advantage, Norway is one of the few markets in the world where the price of an electric car is at the same level as that of a similarly sized vehicle with a combustion engine.
Other advantages include limited use of bus lanes in selected areas and savings on ferry crossings, tolls and parking fees (here we in Malaysia can offer discounts on all highway tolls and Kuala Lumpur City parking).
We need the co-operation of the respective ministries and government agencies, who must make a decision soon or else we will be left behind as Thailand and Singapore moves ahead towards clean mobility.
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