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Friday, March 30, 2018

Ostard Mengaku Salah Dan Minta Maaf Kepada Siti Zabedah Kassim

Ini hal  lain pulak. 

One ostard fellow has said all sorts of weird stuff  about Siti Kassim, the well known lawyer and defender of the Orang Asli and other golongan yang tertindas.  

However the ostard fellow has  sedar diri and has regretted making those remarks and he has made a confession on video and has expressed his regrets and publicly apologised to Siti Kassim. Here is his apology video: 

When you listen to him, the ostard sounds genuine enough.  

Although I do not have any connection to this caper I think this episide will end here. 

I am quite certain that Puan Siti Zabedah Kassim is quite the "gentleman" and will forgive and forget  the indiscretion as long as it is not repeated.  

But the gnawing irritant in the neck which I would like to direct at all ostards is why do these ostards in this day and age are too frequently caught up in these kes-kes sentuhan kecundang?

Here are some examples of sentuhan kecundang from the local English Press :

Here are some from the Malay Press.

From Pakistan:

From Kashmir, Bangladesh and India :

Jadi nasihat saya beginilah. Before these  Ostard feel they are  holier than thou lembu suci and start pointing fingers at others,  it is better for these  ostard to try and fix their own morality which is still Work in progress and not immune from  sentuhan kecundang. Sentuhan kecundang refers to the devil's touch. 

Although their heads are wrapped up, black marks on the foreheads and  berjubah kain ela, there is absolutely no guarantee they are even near the siratul mustakim. Masih tiada jaminan berada dalam lingkungan beradab pun.  

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