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Saturday, March 31, 2018

Yoursay: ‘EC redelineation vote exposes the nation's fraudsters’

YOURSAY | 'Thank you Malaysiakini, for parading those who have betrayed the rakyat's trust.'
Kangkung: The Umno government with all their lackeys has always been able to get whatever bill they want passed in Parliament. These lackeys have zero conscience as they are fed with much ‘dedak’ (animal feed).
They passed the Election Commission's (EC) redelineation report so that they can once again steal the general election.
Mano: Thank you, Malaysiakini, for parading those who have betrayed the rakyat's trust and put the country on a downhill slide.
Hibiscus: I will be keeping this list of MPs and will use it as the only basis to decide who to vote for in coming elections. Why? The redelineation is an affront to the rakyat of their democratic right to choose the coalition they wish to govern the country. 
This is because the redelineation is intended to skew the results of the general election so that it no longer represents faithfully the will of the rakyat, and its results will not represent a true and fair view of what the country as a united citizenry want, whichever coalition wins.
The MPs who voted for the redelineation have committed an act of thievery. Shame on you for committing such a heinous act towards your countrymen.
Tentarik: Now voters, you know the names of the ‘thieves’ who are out to steal the 14th general election (GE14). Take note and send them to the ‘tong sampah’ (dustbin). Now you have every reason not to vote for them.
At their ceramah, you should boo them and show them the thumbs-down sign.
SusahKes: As usual, MCA, Gerakan and MIC did not disappoint.
Anonymous_c9b96c38: So, all their complaints against the redelineation exercise from BN politicians was just a ‘sandiwara’.
Rupert16: No question about it - those lap dogs in MCA, MIC and Gerakan should be voted out of office for supporting the EC delineation which diminish the voting power of those living in the urban areas as compared to those in the kampungs.
So much for their rubbish about fighting for the rights of non-Malays should they be voted into office again.
Clever Voter: It is very transparent who the traitors are. All their spots are now revealed, and it no fake news that these MPs ought to be taught a lesson.
Their hypocritical behaviour is not surprising. After all, their rice bowls are dependent on the BN leadership. One would guess the incumbents would now ask and run for safe seats, followed by their staunch supporters and crumbs thrown to the rest.
Indeed, they are so vulnerable that defending their seats like Bentong and Teluk Intan is no guarantee of success. Many constituents will be reminded of what they have done.
Blogsmith: Former Selangor MB Khalid Ibrahim voted for the redelineation proposal and betrayed the rakyat who voted for him. Well, perhaps it is not such a disappointment that he was ousted as Selangor MB.
Ultimately: Yes, Khalid has been exposed. So much for his high horse of good governance and democracy for Selangor; he can't even do the right thing over a simple matter in Parliament.
The redelineation is clearly illegal and unlawful as there are still pending court challenges and objections. So what kind of standards of good governance is Khalid trying to peddle?  He is a hypocrite.
SusahKes: And if PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang has an unknown “important” appointment in the middle of tabling a very important bill, that tells you what kind of prime ministerial material he is made of.
Not that we weren’t aware of his qualities.
Benjawi: What is interesting to note from the numbers here is that Umno alone takes up 84 seats. All of the MPs who voted against the redelineation report only totalled 80, which falls short of Umno's tally.
Indeed, how is anyone to win the vote when the initial numbers are already not in your favour?
Anonymous_ada2896e: MP absentees should not give excuses, national matters always come first.
Cogito Ergo Sum: BN has been caught in its own web of deceit and is forced to hold back the Sabah redelineation exercise.
However, I think the party may have done itself in, in Peninsular Malaysia. The rakyat are tired and fed up of the high-handed way they have been treated and taxed out of their wits.
No amount of tinkering with the election boundaries would change the fact that the majority are unhappy. The EC exercise is just rearranging the number of disenfranchised people.
Clever Voter: Behind the rhetoric and noise, the BN leadership is running scared. They should be brave enough to accept EC’s recommendations for Sabah as what they have greedily done for the peninsula.
Prime Minister Najib Razak can go on shouting down the opposition with his preposterous accusations and misleading the country with sugar-coated words.
Accept the EC's changes for Sabah instead of hiding behind rules that favour them in this instance. What a loser!
Anonymous_dbc139d6: BN is in a precarious situation in Sabah. They can’t go forward (with Warisan snapping at their heels), hence they can only hold on to familiar ground. -Mkini

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