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Saturday, March 31, 2018

Pulling Out From Syria - Trump Sacrifices Turkey To The Kurds, Israelis, Iranians, Russians

Trump freezes Syria recovery funds
freezes spending after reading US committed funds  
instructed State Dept to freeze US$200m 

day after Trump declared US quitting Syria “very soon” 
president wants to disengage from country

for weeks Trump pushing back against US commitment to Syria
US has > 2,000 military personnel in eastern Syria 

Trump said war against ISIS winding down
he wants US involvement to do likewise

We’ll be coming out of Syria very soon
Let other people take care of it now
Russia, Iran have sizable forces in Syria to support Assad

We spent US$7 trillion in Middle East. 
"what do we have for it? Nothing” Trump declared
Trump to spend on jobs, infrastructure at home

My comments :  To all you war mongers out there, what this means is that Trump is pulling out US  bombs, jet bombers, tanks, artillery, guns and machine guns from Syria. 

This means less people will die. There will be less shedding of human blood in Syria.  Now isnt that a good thing? 

Shedding human blood is a bad thing.
Not shedding human blood is a good thing.
So there should be less of shedding human blood in Syria by American soldiers. 
Good thing ok.  Repeat after me please : It is a good thing. It is a good thing. 

Of course the Turkish Caliph Sultaan Recip Tayyip Erdogan al Syaitan is increasing his aggression in Syria particularly against the Kurdish people. 

With the exit of the US, Sultaan Erdogan will now be facing the Syrians, the Iranians, the Kurds (backed by Israel) and maybe the Russians as well.   It is not going to be a happy time for the Turks in Syria at all. 

Over in Asia, North Korea's Kim Jong Un has just finished a FOUR DAY visit to China to get tutorials from Xi Jinping about Kim's upcoming meeting with Donald Trump in May 2018.

Before that summit, Kim Jong Un is also meeting South Korean President Kim something.

Kim Jong Un will also be meeting Japanese PM Shinzo Abe before he meets Donald Trump. 

Instead of the American tradition of declaring war and shedding human blood, it looks like Donald Trump is Declaring Peace all over the world.  This should be a good thing.  

Donald Trump The Peace Monger.

Of course some former Gang members (like Turkey) will be left to fight alone in the dark alleys.  

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