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Friday, September 28, 2018

Attorney General Mr Tommy Thomas Esq : Now Zaharin Yasin Has A Question For You Too.

voter in PD filed judicial review
seeking declaration Danyal Balagopal resignation unconstitutional

Rosmadi Mohd Kassim wants High Court to rule by-election null / void
wants order that EC be barred from conducting election on Oct 13 
pending outcome of judicial review application
named Danyal and EC as respondents 

filed application in High Court in Kuala Lumpur yesterday
case management fixed before Justice Nordin Hassan on Oct 2
court documents served on Danyal and EC as soon as possible

EC announced PD by-election on Oct 13, nomination day Sept 29
Danyal resigned on Sept 12 to make way for Anwar 

75,770 voters, 68,486 normal voters, 7,268 early voters, 16 overseas voters
Danyal’s action against constitution and parliamentary democratic system 
Rosmadi seeking legal redress to seek opinion of court
I instructed my lawyer to file judicial review application, he added

Rosmadi felt cheated when Danyal vacated seat for Anwar
Danyal breached constitutional oath before Dewan Rakyat Speaker
resign after May 9 election politically motivated, against public policy

My comments :  Now a legal challenge. What this simply means is that Brader Anwar has lost plenty of traction with the Malaysian voters. It looks like there are many, many people who do not like to see him back in Parliament. Or in government.

PAS has also just announced that they will contest the PD By Election. They have named their candidate who will contest the PD By Election. Here is M'kini :

Previously PAS said they will not be contesting PD.  "Et Tu Brutus" again. You can trust these religious retards to be not trustworthy.

Now here is a You Tube video by Zaharin Mohd Yasin the firebrand UMNO debater which I think the AG Mr Tommy Thomas has to answer. 

The points raised by Zaharin Yasin sound pertinent and relevant. 

Was there sufficient quorum on the Pardons Board to decide on the pardon for Brader Anwar? Zaharin seems to feel that there was NOT sufficient quorum.

Zaharin also questions if the procedures were properly followed and adhered to. Zaharin says there was NO Attorney General at the relevant time and that there needed to be a written representation by the Attorney General for the consideration of the Pardons Board.

Was all this adhered to closely?

Mr Tommy Thomas I think you should answer these points raised by Zaharin Yasin in his video message.

Over to you. 

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