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Friday, September 28, 2018

Woman to be caned for prostitution

Paying the price: A policewoman escorting the woman away after she was sentenced in Kuala Terengganu. —Bernama
Paying the price: A policewoman escorting the woman away after she was sentenced in Kuala Terengganu. —Bernama
KUALA TERENGGANU: Anot­her woman here will be caned, following an order by the Syariah High Court that she be given six strokes of the rotan for offering sexual services.
The sentencing came just 24 days after two women were caned six times each for having same sex relations.
Yesterday, judge Rosdi Harun sentenced the 30-year-old divorcee to six months in prison and six strokes of the rotan for attempting to prostitute herself at a hotel here.
Rosdi said he hoped the punishment would help the woman learn from her mistakes and spur her to improve herself.
“When I saw you last, I was very disappointed that you did not show any sign of remorse for your action, nor resolve not to repeat your mistakes.”
“Instead, you merely asked for your jail term and fine to be reduced.”
“Your punishment will give you time to reflect on your mistakes and repent,” he said.
He allowed the plaintiff to appeal her sentence within 14 days.
If her appeal fails, the woman will serve out her sentence at the Pengkalan Chepa prison, where she will also be caned in accordance with Syariah rules.
Based on the rules, offenders must be clothed and seated when they are being caned.
The caning must be done using medium strength with the cane not swung from a height above the head so as not to cause open wounds.
The single mother of one daughter had pleaded guilty on Sunday to prostitution.
According to the charges, an enforcement team from the Terengganu Religious Affairs Department found her committing the offence at a hotel room at around 11.45pm on Sept 17.
She was charged under Section 25 of the Syariah Criminal Offences (Takzir) (Terengganu) Enactment 2001, which carries a jail term of not more than three years, or a fine not exceeding RM5,000, or six strokes of the rotan, or any combination of the punishment.
Yesterday, after meting out the sentence, Rosdi said he would not hesitate to charge anyone with contempt of court if he found any offensive writing about the court’s decision.
Rosdi said the punishment was meant to prevent offenders from repeating their wrongdoings, as well as a form of education and reformation.
Additionally, Rosdi stressed that the sentence was meted out by the Syariah Court and not a civil court.
“The Syariah Court is a sovereign court approved by the Sultan, who is the head of religion.
“Whatever punishment meted out here is in accordance with Syariah law and is not in any way linked to the civil courts,” he said calling for the court’s decision to be respected.- Star

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