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Monday, September 30, 2019

Constable nabbed in drugs raids on KL entertainment centres

Police carried out raids on entertainment centres around Kuala Lumpur over the weekend.
PETALING JAYA: A 27-year-old police constable has been arrested among 429 caught in drug raids in Kuala Lumpur over the weekend, as a senior police officer revealed that 142 members of the police force had been tested to be drug-positive in preliminary screening tests at all contingents since Aug 13.
“The constable who tested positive for methamphetamine was arrested,” said the director of federal Narcotics CID, Mohd Khalil Kader Mohd. “We don’t care who you are, if you take drugs while in entertainment centres, we will arrest you and take action under the existing law.”
He said that of the 142 personnel found to be drug positive, none of them had so far involved high-ranking officers, Bernama reported.
Mohd Khalil Kader Mohd, director of federal Narcotics CID.
He said the screening tests were held because the top leadership wanted to clean the force of unhealthy elements especially drug addicts.
“When (policemen) become drug addicts, you are suffering from ‘brain disease’. We cannot afford to have police officers with brain disease in the force. The force must be clean,” he told reporters in Seremban.
“When we take action on them, it is the same as the action that we take on members of the public. No mercy,” he said.
Constable among 429 arrested in raids on KL entertainment centres
The constable arrested was caught in raids on 22 entertainment centres around Kuala Lumpur, in which 429 people were detained.
Khalil said 154 of those detained had drugs in their possession while the rest tested positive for drugs, Bernama reported.
Among those arrested in the operation on Saturday and Sunday were 35 foreigners from neighbouring countries, he said.
He said all the suspects were aged between 18 and 41 years old and police also seized 413.7 grammes of various drugs with a street value of about RM4,000.
Of the 22 amusement centres raided, Mohd Khalil said all the premises had valid business licences. - FMT

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