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Sunday, September 29, 2019

What do Mahathir’s Pribumi people think of ally DAP?

The Sarawak alliance led by Abang Johari Openg (pix below) is now buddying up to PAS. Johari is a Malay Muslim.
Will we witness a similar high-fiving between native Sarawak leaders and DAP anytime soon? Or would DAP be nudged even further to the fringe and isolated from the indigenous populations in both Malaya and Borneo?

How Umno Malays, PAS Muslims view DAP

PAS’s stand on the racist Christian-dominated party is unequivocal. It follows the Asal Bukan DAP theme; in other words, a mirror image of the ABU (Asal Bukan Umno) campaign that DAP only recently ran with 95 percent success among the Chinese.
The animus that PAS harbours against DAP is not confined to its party president Hadi Awang or his deputy alone — see also Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man’s warning to DAP to desist from pursuing a “Christianization agenda” (article tweet below).
Other PAS leaders – ranging from sec-gen to Dewan Ulama, Dewan Pemuda, Dewan Muslimat and Majlis Syura – are also implacably antagonistic towards the DAP.
In fact, Takiyuddin Hassan nailed it when he described the two-faced, forked-tongued party as gangster-like and merely faking its tolerance for Islam — ref. NST news report below.
Now imagine PAS scoring a similar success with its own ABCD (Asal Bukan Cina/Christian DAP) campaign among Malays.
In Umno’s opinion, DAP is racist, controlled by Chinese chauvinists and the party cannot be trusted (see video below). This is an identical view to PAS’s.
Not to be outdone by PAS sec-gen Takiyuddin, the Umno sec-gen Annuar Musa declared, “Kita tak boleh terima DAP sampai kiamat …”. You can’t get more emphatic than that.
See Utusan news report headlined ‘Umno tolak DAP sampai kiamat’ below.
So far its quite clear what three-quarters of Malay voters represented by Umno and PAS feel about DAP.
Now let’s look at a wedge issue, Zakir Naik, and see where the DAP’s Harapan allies stand on it. A few pictures speak a thousand words.
These photographs show Zakir Naik with Harapan Youth chief Syed Saddiq, Zakir Naik with Harapan religious czar Mujahid and Zakir Naik with Harapan chairman Mahathir. Evidently the firebrand preacher is on excellent terms with DAP’s allies.
There have been popular online polls asking Malays if they sided with Zakir Naik or with Lim Kit Siang. The mamak won hands down.
Doubtless the same survey respondents would respond similarly to a question asking if they sided with Zakir Naik or with DAP/ “bangsa DAP” (an euphemism for ‘Cina DAP’).
These pro Zakir Naik-anti DAP Malays are needless to say PAS people, Umno people, Isma people and Ummah people.
If you asked the Pribumi people whether they’re pro Zakir Naik or pro DAP, what answer do you think you’ll get?
How do the 25 – 30% Malays who voted Harapan feel about the DAP and by extension, the 95% Chinese who backed DAP to the hilt?
Just asking. But DAP’s solid Chinese bloc should reflect on when they will be reaping what they sowed on 9 May 2019. Be prepared to reap the whirlwind soon. - helenang

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