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Monday, September 30, 2019

Throw the book at those disrespecting Negaraku, say veterans

Oliver Cuthbert Samuel, 85, the man who hoisted the Malayan flag at Stadium Merdeka on Aug 31, 1957.
GEORGE TOWN: Army veteran Mohamed Arshad Raji has called for severe punishment for a group of Sarawakians who refused to stand for the national anthem. He described their action as being despicable.
Arshad, who is president of the National Patriots Association, told FMT that although the Sarawakians had the right to air their grouses, refusing to stand for the Negaraku amounted to an insult.
Another military veteran, Oliver Cuthbert Samuel, said: “I say, throw the book at them. Lock them up, that will teach them a lesson.” Samuel, the man who hoisted the Federation of Malaya flag at Merdeka Stadium on Aug 31, 1957, said that “for the civilians to show disrespect to our anthem and flag is very hurtful”.
Arshad said the Sarawakian group might have issues with the federal government, “but Sabah and Sarawak are still part of Malaysia, please respect it,” he said.
Mohamed Arshad Raji, president of the Malaysian Patriots Association.
He described the group’s action as being “very, very rude” and added: “If I was around there, I’d tampar (slap) you for not standing up.”
Members of the rights group Sarawak for Sarawakians had refused to stand for the national anthem at an event in Kuching recently, in what they described as a “silent protest” against a “very unfair Malaya”, the term some continue to use for Peninsular Malaysia.
Federal police have said action could be taken against those who disrespect the national anthem, as it was an offence under the National Anthem Act. The act says all persons present must stand to attention when the anthem is played in public, except when it is played on TV. The offence carries a RM100 fine or a month’s jail on conviction.
Oliver Samuel said that if a member of the armed forces had refused to come to attention when the national anthem was played, there would be severe repercussions. “If you do that, you are finished in the army.”
Civilians who did not stand up for the anthem were “as good as stomping on the soldiers who died for your freedom”, he said.
“For me, Negaraku is a song of joy, happiness and pride that should be sung in full spirit. And on Merdeka Day, we had to put on a straight, solemn face. But my heart was aflutter in joy,” said the man who also had the honour of lowering the Union Jack at midnight before Merdeka.
Samuel, 85, retired from the Navy in 1972 with the rank of Chief Petty Officer.
Police interview 7 men and a woman in Sarawakian group
Kuching police have recorded statements from 7 men and a woman, members of Sarawak for Sarawakians, for reportedly refusing to stand for the national anthem at a function here on Friday evening.
They were called up after a video recording was circulated online showing them remaining seated as other guests at a fundraising dinner by Parti Bangsa Dayak Sarawak Baru stood up for the national anthem.
A spokesman for the group said they told the police that they were making a political protest. - FMT

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  1. Dulu bn time, semua ok, tiada timbul unfair treatment, sekarang tiba2 pula kena treat unfairly oleh malaya. Tangkap dan sumbat dalam lokap untuk 7 hari baru sedar.


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