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Sunday, September 29, 2019

‘Overworked, understaffed’ health ministry wants more funds

The health ministry is seeking more government funds to overcome shortages of staff and equipment.
KUALA SELANGOR: The health ministry (MOH) hopes it will receive a bigger allocation in the 2020 Budget in order to overcome a long-time shortage of staff, equipment and facilities.
Health Minister Dzulkefly Ahmad said the ministry had submitted requests for more funds to the finance ministry for consideration in planning next year’s budget.
He added that while there had been positive reaction to the requests, the ministry had not been getting enough allocations and had been facing “understaffed” and “overworked” issues for a long time. Its problems had also been acknowledged by the auditor-general in his report.
“Therefore, MOH hopes that in next year’s budget, we will be given a bigger allocation to address issues related to facilities, equipment and staff so that we can better serve the people,” he told reporters at a Kuala Selangor district healthcare awards presentation today.
Dzulkefly, who is MP for Kuala Selangor, said he was working closely with finance ministry officials to update the final list of requests submitted for consideration in the forthcoming budget.
“The ministry is hopeful of more funding. As I have emphasised, the health sector, besides the education sector, should be given priority. The allocation to the health sector should be in line with the country’s position as an upper-middle-income economy,” he said. - FMT

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  1. Wajibkan semua MP, Menteri2, Pegawai Kerajaan Tahap JUSA, Mufti2 ,KSN & KSU Dapatkan rawatan di Hospital 2 Kerajaan & tanpa layanan VIP, macam rakyat biasa.
    Pada masa itu baru mereka tahu keperitan rakyat dan kakitangan Hospital .Parking kereta pun minta mereka cari sendiri.


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