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Monday, September 30, 2019

Water supply in Malacca fully restored

The water supply to all affected areas in the state due to the low level of water in the rivers, dams and water retention ponds has been fully restored.
However, Syarikat Air Melaka Bhd (SAMB) said in a statement there were high-rise residential blocks that would still experience water supply disruption due to low water pressure caused by the absence of water pumps or those that were not properly maintained.
“Patience and cooperation of all affected users throughout the duration of restoration work are highly appreciated.
“SAMB would like to thank everyone including the state government, the National Water Service Commission (SPAN), government agencies, local authorities, other state water operators and all involved who provided assistance throughout the water supply recovery efforts,” the statement said.

On Thursday, SPAN announced that it had approved SAMB's application to implement scheduled water supply in affected areas to control the use of the remaining raw water beginning Sept 25.
The implementation of the scheduled water supply would have affected 78,405 user accounts in the state.
On the same day, the state government, however, through SAMB decided to defer implementation of scheduled water supply as the water levels in rivers and treatment plants have increased.

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