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Monday, April 30, 2018

Criteria for victory in GE14

BN chairperson Najib Abdul Razak clearly outlined four
criteria that were used to select BN candidates for the 14th general election. These criteria were their service performance, new faces, racial representation and certain political considerations.
Indeed many voters would regard these criteria as “ necessary but not sufficient”. For instance, what is meant by “political considerations”? The voters could add many more useful criteria which we hope all political parties and not only BN will give serious attention to in their robust campaigning in the next hectic few days.
Voters would no doubt agree with some of these BN criteria but should add more of their own criteria too. Hence these BN criteria would have to be expanded upon, to include at least the following new criteria.
They are integrity, competence, be able to “Think Malaysian” and not just racially, serve all Malaysians fairly regardless of race, religion or economic status and be strongly committed to strengthening national unity.
The new members of Parliament would be expected to work harder to benefit all especially the poor and underprivileged. Taking the caretaker prime minister’s criteria and the voters' additional criteria as mentioned above, the voters should now pledge to:
  • Vote against those with a corrupt record and those who already live beyond their means.
  • Vote against those candidates who have made racist and anti-religion remarks.
  • Reject candidates who apply “dirty tricks” in their campaign to win votes.
  • Disdain money politics which are used to buy votes and erode our national and individual “maruah”.
  • Fulfil our sacred patriotic duty as Malaysians, to vote early and to vote wisely according inter alia to the criteria mentioned above.
GE 14 must be conducted in a more fair, free and open manner. There must be no dirty tricks used at all.
Many would argue that the recent re-delineation exercise and the apparent malapportionment of votes as well as holding the election on a Wednesday will cause a tsunami of resentment, anger and protest.
The chairperson and staff of the Election Commission must steadfastly uphold the integrity and independence of the Malaysian civil service and not let us all down, please.
We all want to believe that the election results on May 9 will be received with relief, satisfaction and pride that the GE14 has been free, fair, clean and legitimate.
The secret in preventing and overcoming a tsunami is to be fair to all Malaysians voters regardless of race, religion, geography and income status.
May the best candidates and political parties win decisively with “maruah” and patriotic pride. Jom Undi!

The writer, Ramon Navaratnam is chairperson, Asli Center for Public Policy Studies. -Mkini

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