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Sunday, April 29, 2018

Malacca CM curious why PAS gunning for all Malay seats except his

GE14 | PAS has gone all out in Malacca, contesting in every single Malay-majority or mixed seat in the state.
However, PAS' decision not to contest in Idris Haron's incumbent seat of Sungai Udang, which comprise 80 percent Malays, has even piqued the curiosity of the caretaker Malacca chief minister.
When asked about this, Idris said he too had sought an explanation from PAS.
"I got an opportunity to get an answer from them just now, and they were just saying that they respected the seat," he said.
Idris said this was despite PAS being a stronger opposition than PKR in that constituency.
Idris, who will be defending the seat, thanked PAS for this.
"Of course, I am thankful and grateful to them and I will not let them down in Sungai Udang," he said.
Apart from Sungai Udang, the four other seats PAS is not contesting in Malacca are all DAP strongholds with large Chinese majorities.
They are the parliamentary seat of Kota Melaka and three of its state seats Kesidang, Kota Laksamana and Bandar Hilir.
PAS will be contesting in the other two state seats under Kota Melaka: Duyong and Telok Mas, which are Malay-majority seats.
In the last general election, Idris won Sungai Udang by a landslide, garnering 12,145 votes to PKR's 3,009 votes. - Mkini

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