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Monday, April 30, 2018

More Good News From Korea : North And South Declare Peace, 2nd Hand Korean Loudspeakers For Sale

Peace really seems to have broken out in Korea.  First you have this picture :

And you have this news that came with it :

North Korea to close nuclear site, South says

Seoul (CNN) North Korean leader Kim Jong Un will shut down his nuclear test site in May and invite experts and journalists from South Korea and the United States into the country to ensure "transparency" around its closure, South Korea's presidential office said Sunday.

So North Korea has agreed to shut down its last remaining nuclear test site. Kim Jong Un is not such a crazy rocket man after all.

North Korea has also agreed to reset their clocks to match the time zone in South Korea.   Somewhere along the way, North Korea set their clocks back a half hour behind South Korea.  Now they have reset the time again.  This is very important. It shows a willingness for North Korea to merge with South Korea.    Here is the news :

Both North and South Korea have agreed to cease all hostile actions against each other. This is fantastic. This includes shutting off those very loud propaganda loud speakers which both the North and the South have been aiming at each other for the past decades.

I have a suggestion. Maybe the suraus and the masjids can buy these used loudpseakers (2nd hand) from Korea and fix them in our suraus and masjids. Then when they have the ceramah pagi at 5am, people all the way to Thailand and Singapore can hear the ceramah.  Lagi banyak pahala.  

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