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Sunday, April 29, 2018

MCA candidate: How can women bully women, Chinese insult Chinese?

GE14 | MCA's Cheras candidate Heng Sinn Yee may have been all smiles when she encountered unfavourable response at a Kuala Lumpur market but she has since taken to social media to complain about being bullied.
Commenting on Facebook, Heng referred to an incident at Yulek market where a woman shook her hand and promised to support her, only to add that the support was for BN to be the opposition.
"Since when a woman bullying another woman is considered a hero? A Chinese insulting another Chinese is seen as a warrior?" she said.
A video of the encounter, which was in Cantonese, has since been uploaded to social media.
Heng claimed that she was entrapped in the video.
"Thank you for the person who set the trap and the person who recorded.
"Your actions have only strengthened my resolve to fight DAP's culture of bullying and hate," she said.
Earlier today, Heng was at Yulek market to canvass for support.
A woman who shook Heng's hand said: "We will definitely support you."

However, the woman continued to hold on to Heng's hand and added in Cantonese: "We will support BN to become the opposition. Not a single vote will go to BN."
Those around her then replied in agreement.
Heng did not appear taken aback and continued to smile but did not say anything. - Mkini

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