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Monday, April 30, 2018

'Where are you?' BN man waits for rival Jagdeep in the rain

GE14 | Mother Nature is rarely roped in to assist campaigning for general elections, but the BN candidate for the Datok Keramatstate seat in Penang appears to have done just that.
Gerakan's Lee Boon Ten uploaded a short video on his Facebook page questioning the "absence" of DAP incumbent assemblyperson Jagdeep Singh Deo at the banks of a river which may or may not overflow, following a torrential downpour.
"It has been raining consistently and me and my team have been here since early morning... we have been monitoring the river level, in case it overflows; where are you Jagdeep Singh? I am still here waiting for you," he wrote in an accompanying message.
Accompanying the message was a 26-second video, in which Lee is seen standing silently on the bridge over the river, holding an umbrella in the downpour.
The video starts with a shot of the overcast skies, and pans down to a swollen river, before settling on Lee, who is seen donning a blue BN-shirt and holding a red umbrella.
Lee is then seen pointing towards him and then downwards, to denote he is at the location, before pointing towards the camera and gesturing to ask where Jagdeep is.
The video has garnered over 7,300 views since it was uploaded this afternoon.
Penang has often been plagued by flooding issues, which critics claim is due to overdevelopment in the state. -Mkini

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