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Monday, April 30, 2018

Rafizi warns Khairy of 'angry' Indian voters in Rembau

GE14 | Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin will incur the "wrath of voters" in Rembau after PKR’s Rantau candidate Dr S Streram was allegedly prevented from submitting his nomination papers, party vice-president Rafizi Ramli warned today.
Rafizi told reporters today that this was based on the latest findings of pollster Invoke Malaysia, which showed a swing of Indian voters towards Harapan.
"BN is on the defensive because by now they realise the short-term gain of winning one seat uncontested in Rantau may cause an avalanche of anger towards BN especially among the Indians," the Invoke founder said.
Rafizi clarified that Invoke has been assisting Streram in Rantau for the past two years, and noted that the constituency has one of the highest densities of Indian voters in the country.
"So at the very least he should be allowed to contest.
"When he was not allowed to contest in a situation where there are some 15 percent Indian voters, the anger among them is quite apparent," he said.
Any possible backlash, Rafizi added, will mean that Khairy will face a challenge to defend Rembau, which he has held for two terms.  
Rantau is a state seat under the Rembau parliamentary seat.
"Rembau is a seat with 75 percent Malay, 15 percent Indian and 10 percent Chinese voters.
"So I think Khairy will get the wrath of the voters this elections," said Rafizi.
On Saturday, Khairy lodged a police report against Rafizi over the former Pandan MP's remarks that linked him to the incident during nominations day.
On nomination day, Negeri Sembilan caretaker menteri besar Mohamad Hasan won the Rantau seat uncontested after Streram was denied entry into the nomination centre, as he did not have his Election Commission tag.
Video footage of the incident showed Streram trying to get in while police formed a line to prevent him from doing so.
Rafizi also previously claimed that police and EC officers had deliberately prevented Streram from filing his nomination papers until 10.03am, several minutes after the nomination period was closed.
Inspector-general of police Mohamed Fuzi Harun denied Rafizi's claims, however, and said his men had only assisted EC officers on duty at the nomination centre.
Fuzi also said the police would not hesitate to summon the PKR leader for investigations if he insisted on repeating his claims. -Mkini

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