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10 APRIL 2024

Monday, April 30, 2018

The Monkey Shits Should Be Afraid Of Two Things : WhatsApp and Their Stupidity, Gerakan / MCA Sudah Mati

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I got the following video from someone (a Malaysian) in Scotland.  Then after that the story also popped up in Free Malaysia Today, which was also forwarded to me again via WhatsApp by another friend from inside  the country.

You can read the story here : 


Its about that dumbass Gerakan / MCA dunggu screaming at the top of his voice in some vegetable market somewhere. All the aunties and the kakas are just ignoring him, going about their business buying expensive food to feed their families.

If it does not pop up, click here on the video link. 


The point is the Gerakan / MCA is dead.  Sudah mati.   You can see the dumbass Gerakan / MCA fellow simply shouting at the top of his voice. No one is listening to him.

The second point for today is much, much more important.

I got all this news and the video via WhatsApp.  Actually we dont need online newspapers, Blogs, Facebook etc to keep us informed.  WhatsApp is going to kill off the monkey shits.

Just this morning my former Chairman   who has become a WhatsApp activist already sent me about half a dozen videos. 

Everyday I get  about two dozen WhatsApp videos alone.  I dont keep count of my other WhatsApp messages.   I have to keep deleting them a few times a day. 

WhatsApp is fast, efficient and best of all it is "free" (in a way).

What the monkey shits need to do is ban WhatsApp. But they cannot. 

Plus they are stupid.  

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