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Monday, April 30, 2018

Kayveas: Sacking unconstitutional, accuses sec-gen of conspiracy

MyPPP president says a Supreme Council meeting should have been called and disciplinary committee appointed following complaint letter from BN.
M Kayveas says myPPP Supreme Council cannot replace the president except by way of a general assembly or an EGM.
PETALING JAYA: Alleging conspiracy and “unlawful actions”, myPPP president M Kayveas has accused secretary-general Mohan Kandasamy of violating the party’s constitution with his announcement that Kayveas had been sacked.
In a letter to Mohan today, he said that article 9.13 of the party’s constitution specified that the Supreme Council could not replace the president except by way of a general assembly or extraordinary general meeting.
He added that article 6.9 stipulated that the council should refer the matter to a disciplinary committee upon receipt of a written complaint from any member.
He said there was no disciplinary board or committee in myPPP and that he had only appointed a disciplinary board chairman on Nov 30, 2014.
“Therefore, it is mandatory for a Supreme Council meeting to be called by the president and a committee has to be appointed to assist the chairman of the disciplinary committee,” he said in the letter.
Earlier today, Kayveas had said he was withdrawing his letter of resignation as president.
This was despite Mohan announcing on April 25 that Kayveas had been sacked. He had said the party had not received Kayveas’s resignation letter when the decision to sack him was made.
Mohan had also announced that party vice-president Maglin D’Cruz would be acting president effective immediately.
The decision was made following a letter from Barisan Nasional (BN) secretary-general Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor the previous day which apparently noted that several actions and statements made by Kayveas had the potential to damage the relationship between myPPP and other BN component parties.
Kayveas claimed that his office, the myPPP office and he himself had been calling Mohan and Maglin upon receipt of Tengku Adnan’s letter on April 24 but both “refused to answer all calls”.
“The reason I called you as secretary-general was to call for a Supreme Council meeting and present the letter to all Supreme Council members to discuss the contents,” he said.
“However, in total breach of all articles of the constitution, you have by ‘frolic of your own’ attempted to have secret meetings without the knowledge of the president, without the knowledge of the majority of Supreme Council members, and out of the premises of the myPPP headquarters.”
He also said no notice of a disciplinary committee was given to him and the charges were not made known to him.
He also claimed that Mohan had not given or served on him any notice, letter or decision on the matter as announced in public. -FMT

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