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Thursday, November 30, 2017


I think the pro-Pakatan or anti-BN people really don’t like UiTM and don’t want the votes of its about 750,000 alumni in the coming general election.
When I whacked Ku Nan for his “slow learners” remark about UiTM, I received these kind of comments from people I believe to be pro-Pakatan or anti-BN;
That Uitm alumni president Zaini is a reflection of the quality of Uitm produce. Lo and behold, Ku Nan was right after all
In one Sherlock Holmes movie, a kid was asked to apologise to his mom for saying things that had hurt the mom’s feeling. But the kid insisted that what he said was true. To that, Sherlock Holmes told the kid that TRUTH hurts the most always.
Ku Nan was telling the truth, but the reaction of some was akin to the Yahudi about holocaust. These people in Malaysia have their own version of ZIONISM, too. Ketuanan, orang islam orang kapir, membina sebuah negara islam yang tulen, RUU 355, etc.. The path that these people are following is exactly the very thing that their God had ever so often condemned in the Al Quran, that everything about themselves are so sacred and holy that, if you dare comment anything about them, together their wrath would be upon you.
As their God had told them, if you think that you are so sacred and holy that paradise should be yours only to inherit, why don’t you pray for death to be upon you soon so that you could go to heaven quickly?
Don’t get so work up lor..It’s a small matter. Ku Nan actually was telling the truth and the truth always hurt. Even he himself was an alumnus and he himself acknowledges this fact. Never shy away to admit that.
ITM/UiTM is a Mara outfit eastablished as a leg up to make Bumis enrolled into higher learning institutions in large numbers. Hence the campuses spread out all across the country for this mission.
It only admits the Bumis so requirements can be adjusted and compromised from time to time to accomodate the Bumis as much as it could. It churns out tens out thousands graduates each year from all its campuses.
some say the truth hurts and in this instance it is bitter as well hence the demanded apologies, normally a big wig from Ali baba’s cave need not have to endure such a public embarrassment, wrong assumption kkk, say goodbye to putrajaya shrek, watch this space
to be fair even the ivy leagues have their slow learners but the ketuanan types would have none of this nonsense
Syd Ketupat
Now it all come clear when you said you were from ITM before the U. Now I know why the word tunnel vision and tunnel thinking was coined and also colour blind see only blue and wear horse blinds . Tsk tsk and what inbreeding can do to a person . Have pity and stop your lineage here and do not marry or have children and save them the aghast and the pain of living the lives

The ‘flabby Fool’ is right U know. Memang pelajar Uitm are SLOW LEARNERS. Baca ni, Pelajar-pelajar ni anjur larian untuk APA sebenarnya……hehehehe.
Malaysian university confusingly organizes ‘Pedophile Charity Run’ over the weekend
In a case of very powerful English, Universiti Teknologi Mara, its Faculty of Administrative Science and Policy Studues, and Baitul Fiqh at UiTM Seremban 3 campus banded together over the weekend, without consulting the university’s English Department, to organize a “Pedophile Charity Run.”
HEHEHEHE……………hahaha cannot stop laughing.
Upon seeing the confounding poster, netizens could hardly contain their laughter, with most of Twitter wondering exactly if UiTM understood what their charity run appeared to be about.
Was it a running of the pedos?
A run for pedophiles?
Or simply a celebration of pedophilia?
No one could quite understand the gist of the event.”
Quite arrogant of them.
Well, it’s their loss.
– http://lifeofaannie.blogspot.my

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