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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Thank you, Indians can decide for themselves

LETTER | It’s amusing how Indians in this country are courted by mushrooming ‘leaders’ with GE14 on the horizon.
To see these ‘hotshots’ declaring their support for Indians after years of neglect. It tickles me to see, even the ones who in their past 20 years of political life, who never even had the word ‘Indian’ in their subconscious, suddenly come roaring and screaming headers on a weekly basis. 
They preach, flatter and some even extol their virtues on how Indians should live their lives, perhaps believing the Indians to be weak and vulnerable, easily exploited by the artful hustlers in Malaysia. 
For all his well-intended purpose to guide us Indians to the righteous path, perhaps Zaid Ibrahim should know that we are not as vulnerable as he has envisioned us to be.
We are perfectly fine in trusting ourselves in leading our very own lives. We don’t need preaching from a man whose motives are still shrouded in veiled attempts of political philandering. 
When we look back 10 years ago on the Hindraf rally (photo), the political martyrs among us commoners rose and dissidents rooted themselves to make haste the cleansing of Malaysia. However, this would turn out to be just another fad that would come to pass, cyclic in nature with all past political uprising. 

We stand here today at the crossroads of political reality. I would like to believe that we have matured and the cloud has since cleared of our emotional upheaval circa 2007/2008, and have emerged from the naivety that was entrenched with the Hindraf rallying call, exclusively aimed at harnessing the emotions rather than the intellect of the voters.
Malaysians have realised the doom and gloom prophecy of Hindraf and Pakatan have waned through time. We are still earning a decent living, and Malaysia never collapsed, facing neither civil war nor bankruptcy. 
Zaid talks about estate displacement, temple destruction, and statelessness among others.
Who caused the reduction of Indians within the civil service?
Who caused the systematic displacement of Indians from estates and into downtrodden long houses and shackles they were forced to live in? Who initiated the unfair intake into Universities? By his logic, we are here at a low point in the history of the Indian community because of Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak?  
Before embarking on a spiritual journey with the likes of Hindraf, Zaid Ibrahim should perhaps provide some details on what has Hindraf actually done in the past 10 years?
If none can be found then perhaps, what has he done to uplift the Indians throughout his years in public life? Even when the Hindraf 5 were detained in ISA, he was the then law minister in the Prime Minister's Department. His silence then was deafening!
Take for example Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM). Because of their relentless pursuit of housing for displaced estate workers, they were successful in ensuring the government provided for housing in Ampar Tenang recently. Coincidentally these estate workers were displaced by Mahathir to create Putrajaya. They PSM did not go around the country on a loud hailer but also carried out their role as a pressure group and contributed to the society. 

What have Zaid and Pakatan in Selangor and Penang done for Indians?
These are some of the richest states in Malaysia with some of the poorest Indians but not a single page in their budget details specifically for Indian initiatives. Rhetoric is easy and we have a bunch of dysfunctional Hindraf and opposition personalities who are only focused on personal vendettas. What did we substantially gain from their misdirected ventures these 4 to 5 years? Absolutely zilch. 
BN has indeed neglected the Indians in the past. But when we look back, it all happened under the watchful eyes of the current Pakatan chairman. 
Hindraf now wants to go on a roadshow to convince Indians to vote against BN.
I challenge Waytha to go on a roadshow to demand equal partnership within Pakatan for Indians.
They can’t even produce more than a page of an Indian plan as we have seen in their 2018 Pakatan Budget and even worse, their past plans for Indians have been laden with cobwebs i.e. the Gelang Patah Declaration. 
While Zaid Ibrahim preaches multiracial ideology within DAP, he had instigated Pakatan as a whole to segmentise and micromanaged the Indian community.
This is what Indians in Malaysia have been reduced to, a piss poor representation of the Indian community within Pakatan leadership.
Will anyone stop this charade of victimising Indians as a pawn towards capturing Putrajaya? - Mkini

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