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10 APRIL 2024

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Pakistani Madrassahs Centers For Sodomy And Rape

Image result for THE child’s body was found naked in a ditch in Madina Town in Faisalabad at 4:00 in the morning on Nov 1. There it stayed for nearly five more hours, until the police, repeatedly called by the residents who had crowded around the body, finally arrived.

This news is taken from The Dawn, the well regarded Pakistani newspaper. 
You can read the full story here : https://www.dawn.com/news/1373441/the-rot-within
My comments follow.  Here is the story:

The rot within
by Rafia Zakaria
November 29, 2017

child’s body found naked in ditch in Madina Town in Faisalabad at 4am on Nov 1

another body of child found in empty plot 
police arrested administrator of madressah 

AP investigation into rampant child abuse in Pakistani madressahs. 
power of ulema in Pakistan 
poor whose children sexually assaulted have absolutely nowhere to go
murdered in madressah by administrators

country where majority is terrified by mob rule
poor — and their children — are utterly helpless

country where majority terrified by mob rule 
perpetuated by ulema

  • consequences in AP story
  • madressah principal stuffed student’s shirt into mouth before raping him
  • gang rape of sleeping student by older students
  • madressah administrator assaulted boy and threatened death 

cases prosecuted in court. 
hard-line religious groups show up to ‘support’ accused 
to intimidate victims and families.
effective mode of coercion 
Those in business of intimidating know ways  to shut people up

society smugly complicit 
will tell you sexual abuse does not exist in Pakistan or madressahs 
bastions of faith in land of the pure.

what is happening at hands of ulema 
all flashing cloth of faith
indicative of deep moral rot in farthest reaches of Pakistan. 
Faith no longer basis of moral life.

faithful are not moral
many engage in pantomime of morality
wearing clothes that look the part
 throwing around words that sound the part 
their mask of piety
pretence is a hollow deal
they maintain appearances
cannot muster real concern for innocent children 
whose bodies being sacrificed for Pakistan’s collective pretence of piety.

cost to real Muslims
who wish to speak truth  
called insufficiently Muslim, improper Muslim, inadequate Muslim

truth is no longer what is visible
good and right no longer same
broken, beaten bodies of children proof of rot within.

The writer is an attorney teaching constitutional law and political philosophy.

Published in Dawn, November 29th, 2017

My comments : I have said this many times. They are devil worshippers. These people have let satan stand on their shoulders and piss on their heads. 

The religion they follow is not Islam. 
They say it is Islam. 
They scream loudly it is Islam. 
It is not Islam. 

They are devil worshoppers. Only the satan can lead you astray like this and then make you feel so damned arrogant that you are still following Islam. 

Yaa aiyyuhal kafiroon . . . 

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