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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Too Scared To Debate? Doors Locked Tight As Rafizi Pulls A Disappearing Act

(Malaysian Digest) – Rafizi Ramli’s decision to cancel the debate with Kumpulan Internship Mahasiswa Turun Parlimen (MANTAP) which should have taken place on November 24, was seen as an immature and cowardly move.
According to MANTAP Secretary Mohamad Arif Misman, the cancellation exposed the true colours of Rafizi, who is also the founder of Invoke, as someone who only wants to seek cheap publicity and sensationalising an issue to gain the attention of netizens and his followers.
“He could talk up a storm and creating a scene is his forte. This is the real Rafizi. He’s a hypocrite.
“We have accepted his challenge but were unable to fight it out,” lashed Arif, as quoted from the BNBBC portal.
He said that the PKR Pandan MP’s action to cancel the programme without an excuse disappointed MANTAP debate representatives, MANTAP VII members, MANTAP alumni, representatives of NGOs and spectators who came as early as 8pm at Invoke’s office in Sungai Besi.
Arif claimed that Rafizi and Invoke not only ‘disappeared’ but the office door was also locked tight despite the PKR Vice-President previously inviting MANTAP to debate.
“Clearly Invoke was only bluffing especially since Invoke’s doors were tightly locked at exactly 8.30 pm, no representatives came down to apologise and they only monitored from the upper windows of the premises,” he explained.
Arif added that Rafizi and Invoke were well aware of the debate topic entitled “Bajet Pakatan Harapan: Memufliskan Negara Seimbang atau Sembang” and insisted that they wanted to hold the programme at Invoke Space’s office.
“Not only were they bluffing, but cowards too. This was not about finding who is right or wrong. This was only a debate to analyse current issues. Invoke does not need to be scared. We want the audience to think maturely about the issue being debated,” he said.
Rafizi was previously perceived as ‘bold’ because he constantly invited several parties to engage in a debate including with Arul Kanda involving the 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) issue.

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