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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Archbishop Simon DI SARAWAK

Police in Swak would have their ears and eyes on the ground unlike those ball lickers upper echelon PDRM in Malaya. Hopefully the Malaya penyakit dont come here or else Swak will never be my idea of safe haven for everyone regardless of religion. Puan Zabaria who accompanied the Archbishop is a moderate Muslim and well liked here
Msg from Archbishop Simon: 

I am sure that you heard the news. Just an assurance that I am fine. There was commotion in court and crowd was getting rowdy after the judgement. Many good muslims were there to escort me safely out to courthouse, including puan Zabaria, a personal friend who is the Directress of Kuching Islamic Information Centre in Kuching. As the Muslim groups become rowdier and louder (as you can see in video) a group of muslims and others escorted me safely to my vehicle pick up at road side.
My dearest friends, let us understand this case carefully. this case is not the Church vs. Islam but on the dispute of who has the jurisdiction on allowing a Muslim to murtad, either the Mahkamah Syariah or the Civil Court. Naturally, since we have the Mahkamah Syariah to govern the Muslims, the Mahkamah Syariah has the power to grant the Muslims the leave from Islam according the Law. Therefore, we do not lose this case nor did we win it. What is important now is with this is now clear, where do we want to go with it. The Court, be it the Syariah or the Civil, are only to apply the law. Thus next, we should pray that the lawmakers will table a just law to face this issue. Do not lose hope. By the way, I was at the court hearing yesterday and I testify that the judges were very neutral and fair. Pray, continue to pray. With GOD, nothing is impossible. Ad majorem Dei gloriam!

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