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10 APRIL 2024

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Woman, Woman, Woman, Sex, Sex, Sex : Wanita Kena Molest Di KSA

Did you know that there is now an international anti-sexual molestation campaign launched by some Muslim women that has gained some traction. It is called #MosqueMeToo.

And here is a video produced by some women who are associated with this #MosqueMeToo movement.  They speak about getting sexually molested (or grabbed) by men.  Here is the video. I hope you can see it. I do not have any separate link.

From a long time ago there were always "urban legends" about women being molested in the KSA.  

Here is one urban legend  which I believe many of us have heard before. I say this because I heard this from other people. They say that if you are with your wife, female relatives then be careful how you get into a taxi cab driven by an Arab.  The rule is when boarding a taxi, the men must get on board first. The women board after. When getting down, make sure the women get down first, then followed by the men.   This is because the Arabs were said to drive off with the women etc.  This could just be a legend, a story. But what a story? There seem to be latent fears. 

In Malaysia we have seen how 'pemimpin Islam' like the Brader, that PAS fellow, that Ustaz Ferrari etc have been caught on video with their thumb drives in the wrong USB port.  

And what do their blind followers say?  "This is a conspiracy. Jangan aibkan orang baik" etc.

Stupid has a high price. What is so special about these people?

Bila berahi depa sudah naik,  lintah pun boleh  lari dari padi balik ke paya. 

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