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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Perak Harapan 'worries' Husni will defend Najib, 1MDB once again

Perak Harapan chief Ahmad Faizal Azumu is concerned that Ahmad Husni Hanadzlah will have to once again defend Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak and 1MDB, should the former minister contest in the 14th general election.
"Allah wants us to fight against any wrongdoings.
"I'll be worried sick if Husni plans to stand again in the next election, for he will defend his boss, Najib, and all the wrongdoings in 1MDB," Faizal told Malaysiakini, in response to Husni saying he is ready to contest in GE14 with Najib’s approval.
Husni abruptly resigned as second finance minister, and all his posts in Umno, before the 2016 cabinet reshuffle, after claiming he received a "sign from God."
He also said he had been under heavy stress for several months prior, as he was tasked with resolving the growing 1MDB controversy, despite not being part of the debt-ridden state fund when it was first set up.
However, a year later Husni seemingly changed his tune, declaring himself a loyal Najib follower, and insisting that the prime minister would leave behind a "zero corruption" legacy one day.
The Tambun lawmaker said that his experience as a former cabinet minister and head of the local Umno division for 23 years could be the platform for BN’s continued victory.
Faizal also wished Husni "all the best" and expressed hope that the latter would be selected by BN to defend his seat.

"He said it himself, he's a 'one horse person'. Since he has decided to stay loyal to his master, Najib, I hope he won't be disappointed," said Faizal (photo), who is also Perak Bersatu chief.
Although Faizal maintained that he did not want to meddle in BN's choice of candidates, he is of the opinion that Tambun Umno will be made "very anxious" with Husni’s decision.
"Husni has lost quite a number of his staunch supporters. Many have turned their backs on him," he noted.
In the last general election, Husni won the Tambun parliamentary seat after defeating PKR Srikandi chief Siti Aishah Shaik Ismail by 9,325 votes.- Mkini

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