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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Why is Guan Eng not rebuking his friend Nazri, asks MCA leader

Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng has been taken to task for training his guns on MCA instead of Tourism and Culture Minister Nazri Abdul Aziz.
MCA publicity bureau chairperson Chai Kim Sen said the DAP secretary-general should repudiate the Umno leader for his “mindless verbal assaults” against billionaire Robert Kuok.
“Is Lim refusing to chastise Nazri because of their friendship and he is not eager to transfer attention to his friend?” he asked in a statement this evening.
According to Chai, there are sufficient photographs to prove that Lim and Nazri are comrades, whose friendship is above political lines.
However, he said the majority of the Chinese community and even members of the opposition are livid with Nazri's remarks.
“What strikes as bizarre is that, while the chief perpetrator is obviously Nazri, not only did Lim fail to remonstrate Nazri, instead he lashed and saw fit to humiliate MCA repeatedly while other leaders in DAP demanded MCA to explain.
“In fact, it is DAP which is seen as one of the historical Chinese character, Wu San Gui, who was a traitor,” he added.
Therefore, Chai called on Lim to stop “covering up” for his friend.
“Instead, he should muster some courage and boldly teach Nazri that he should not mindlessly attack any person.
“In addition, we also urge Lim to cease diverting attention from Nazri by slamming MCA. Whoever is or is not in the wrong. MCA does not want unrelated parties to be exploited by Lim to score cheap political mileage,” he said.
Nazri had rained criticism on Kuok following blogger Raja Petra Kamaruddin's allegation that the Hong Kong-based billionaire is funding DAP.
The Umno lawmaker challenged the 94-year-old tycoon to contest in the coming general election and described him, among others, as a “pondan” (effeminate) and “coward with no testicles).
Both DAP and Kuok have denied Raja Petra's allegation.
Yesterday, MCA publicity spokesperson Ti Lian Ker also commented on Nazri's friendship with the Penang chief minister.
“Nazri's closeness to Lim is open knowledge. His statement on the surface may seem to be lambasting Kuok but in effect is not helping BN or MCA but helping DAP and Lim instead.
“Why train your guns on Kuok and not DAP vis-a-vis the Penang tunnel gate issue?” he asked.- Mkini

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