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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Breaking News : Indons / US DOJ Seize Jho Low's Yacht In Bali, Warrant of Arrest For JoLo, MO1 Next?

Just when you thought the 1MDB case has gone cold in the USA, after Donald Trump, the US DOJ has asked the Indonesians to seize that yacht Equanimity  which was bought by JoLo using money stolen  from the Malaysian taxpayer.  

Here is the story from Free Malaysia Today:  

JAKARTA: Indon on Wed seized yacht on Bali 
sought by US Department of Justice (DOJ)
1MDB corruption investigation police said.

approval from court to seize boat
Indon TV showed officials talking to crew

My comments :  

There is also a video (from Indon TV) at M'kini here.
The wheels of justice  turn slowly.  
But it looks like they do turn. 
And very painfully too. 

This is just like the ancient 'death by a thousand cuts' where criminals are slowly cut to pieces.

Just this afternoon I was talking to an Elder who laughed and said, "those whom the gods wish to destroy they first make mad".

This is from the old Latin saying "Quem Iuppiter vult perdere, dementat prius" which means "Whom Jupiter would ruin, he first makes mad".

which, after Christianity became "Those whom the gods wish to destroy they first make mad".

Because I believe this is what is happening to that MO1 Moron.   
The Moron and his Team Moron are bungling one after another, day by day.
The Kuok fiasco.  Even eating rice threw sh_t on their faces.

Who knows, the US DOJ may issue a warrant of arrest for JoLo and MO1 soon. 

They are doing this on their own time table.

Imagine, one day, soon the headlines in the USA screaming "DOJ issues warrant of arrest for MO1".

Wouldnt that be a dainty dish to be set before a wimp?

Folks, these kleptocrats are dead ducks.
They will not be able to shake off this limpet. 
(A limpet is a sea shell (siput) that sticks to rocks and ship bottoms) 
It is going to stick to them permanently.

There is also a magnetic mine called a limpet mine.
It sticks to ship's hulls and then explodes.
The  ship then sinks. 

Imagine the embarrasment to Malaysia if this Moron wins the elections and then a warrant of arrest is issued for him? 

Attaching a magnetic "limpet"  mine to a ship's hull
Kaboom !!

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