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10 APRIL 2024

Wednesday, February 28, 2018


1. Najib says Pakatan Harapan will be squabbling over who should be the Prime Minister if it wins. He seems to think that the four parties in the coalition cannot work together.
2. If he thinks so, why is he so afraid to register Pakatan Harapan, the coalition of the four opposition parties. Application for registration by PH has not been answered. He knows very well time is of the essence. The coalition has to use the same symbol in the ballot papers. It is important for the symbol to be well-known to the voters. BN’s and PAS symbols are well-known, having been around for more than half a century. Voters would not know the PH symbol unless it is promoted a long time before voting day.
3. On the other hand if the coalition is rejected now the four parties would be able to promote the alternative symbol they would use. Not knowing whether the coalition and it’s symbol would be approved or not puts the four parties in a quandary. They need to produce flags and banners etc, in their own names and symbols. If at the last moment the coalition is approved, much money would have been wasted. More money would have to be spent on producing common flags and buntings with the coalition symbols.
4. Najib knows very well that he has cut off funds for the opposition parties. They cannot waste the little money they have. But Najib has tonnes of money not only to pay for the flags and buntings but for corruption as well.
5. This is what Najib is doing. Every effort is made, legal or illegal, moral or immoral to sabotage the opposition.
6. It is not going to be a bersih election. If Najib wins you will get a thoroughly unprincipled PM, who is prepared to cheat in election and in his management of the country. You have already seen the scandals involving Najib, the huge loses of Government money, the huge debt he has burdened the country with. He has lost money belonging to the EPF, the Pension Fund, Felda money and Tabung Haji money. On the other hand he lives a lavish life-style with pink diamond rings and Hermes bags for his wife.
7. He sells Government land to pay debts. He borrows money to pay interest on his borrowing. It is just changing one lender for another. The huge debts are still there. Total debts now exceed 900 billion Ringgit. He will borrow more. He does not care that the nation will have to pay the debts.
8. If he is reelected he will continue to borrow more. Despite high exports and GDP, he has to squeeze the people for more money. He introduced the GST and other taxes. His tax people are demanding for more tax payments from individuals and companies without any basis. Companies and businesses, big and small are closing down. People have to pay more because of high cost of living. They don’t have money left for shopping or eating out.
9. Things can only get worse as he borrows more money for the East Coast Railway and the High Speed Railway.
10. 1MDB debts of billions are now passed on to the Ministry of Finance. We don’t hear of any profits from the operation of 1MDB, only losses. And we really don’t know where the billions he has borrowed and siphoned from KWSP, KWAP, Felda, Tabung Haji, have gone to. We have not been shown any audit that is credible.
11. Najib has to be stopped. The voters must come out in full force to reject BN and give their support to Pakatan Harapan. Do not vote for PAS either. They are only shunting away anti-BN votes so as to reduce support for PH. Actually PAS is supporting BN and Najib.
12. Voters may be confused by PH having so many symbols because it has not been approved. But you are safe if you don’t vote for the weighing scale and the moon.
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