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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Stup_d Nazri Vents Again : Robert Kuok Was Biggest Donor To UMNO !! Ha ha ha !!

This has to be another brilliant idea by the Mamak Sup Kambing Kuala Kangsar.  He has given instructions to the Moron of Manchester  to go create a fake boogeyman out of Robert Kuok.  

Hence the really dumb and brain dead attacks against Robert Kuok by the Moron and the likes of Stup_d Nazri.   Have you seen that video of Stup_d Nazri "challenging" Robert Kuok?  It is too stupid for me to mention. 

First here is an interesting picture :

Robert Kuok is worth US11.3 Billion through hard work. The other guy says he has RM2.6 billion in his account but he does not know how it got there ?? That is the great big difference.

Why are they trying to create a false boogeyman out of Tan Sri  Robert Kuok.

Its called the Malay vote. They want to frighten the Malays that the Chinese will take over. First they tried to frighten the Malays with "Lim Kit Siang will become the PM".  

Then lo and behold, DAP announced they fully support Tun Dr Mahathir as the Pakatan Harapan candidate for PM.    Not only that but the PH also announced the Parliamentary seat allocations where the DAP gets to contest only 35 seats on the Peninsula.  

How to become Prime Minister with only  35 Parliamentary seats lah?  So 'Lim Kit Siang the Chinese Boogeyman" had to go out the window.  To make it even more impossible Mr Lim Kit Siang was admitted to hospital for surgery.

Now they have to look for another Chinese Boogeyman. And the lot has fallen on poor Tan Sri Robert Kuok.  How did they happen to pick on him? I think it is from the recent biography of Robert Kuok which has earned substantial publicity in Malaysia.  

I dont think this will work either. Most kampong folks will not know a Robert Kuok from a  Richard the Lion Heart.  They dont read, brader.

This Robert Kuok thing is just to massage the limp noodles in UMNO.

Why do I say ' making a false boogeyman out of Robert Kuok".  Because they know more than anyone else that they have taken money from Robert Kuok. Robert Kuok was among the biggest donors to UMNO.  Here is a page from Robert Kuok's biography :

Robert Kuok says, "I was often asked to give substantial donations to the ruling parties, UMNO and MCA, after independence in 1957. I gave willingly, happily and freely".

So UMNO and MCA have already sucked out substantial money from Robert Kuok in the past.  So at that time he was not a Chinese Boogeyman.

Hello Liow Tiong Lai,  you may not have cojones but there must be at least some backbone left in you brader.  Speak up. Defend Robert Kuok a little bit lah. He gave UMNO and MCA so much money. 

I only have one thing to say about Tan Sri Robert Kuok now.  Please GIVE HIM BACK THE SUGAR MONOPOLY.  

When Robert Kuok was producing sugar, the price of sugar was TEN SEN a kati.  (Satu kati sepuluh sen).

Now they have given the sugar monopoly to a melayu - mamak - uttar pradesh - yemen hybrid konon. Coarse white sugar is now about RM3.00 per KILO !!

Kau orang punya bodoh.

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