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10 APRIL 2024

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Satu Lagi Kes Woman, Woman, Woman, Sex, Sex, Sex : Tariq Ramadan Kantoi Tipu Alibi Rogol.


This news report is from Al Arabiya in Dubai.

Sunday, 25 February 2018 

important sticking point in rape charges against Tariq Ramadan
Organizers of 2009 conference in Lyon  published evidence damaging to  defense

woman claimed Ramadan sexually assaulted her in French hotel room in Lyon 
told investigators attack happened “afternoon” of Oct 9, 2009, "it was still daylight.”
  • Ramadan claims land at Lyon airport Oct 9 @ 6:35 pm reaching Hilton 7:30 pm
  • Organizers published Ramadan’s itinerary, show rape-accused arrived 11:15 am

itinerary sent to Ramadan by organizers - Union of Young Muslims

  1. he was invited on Sept 15, 2009
  2. Initially Ramadan requested London - Lyon flight at 6:35pm
  3. his office sent 2nd email, according to Le Muslim Post
  4. requested Madrid - Lyon flight, arrived at 11.15 am.

Ramadan’s itinerary shows arrived Lyon 11.15 am
(Le Muslim Post)

schedule published by Le Muslim Post
Ramadan due to speak at conference at 5 pm
he arrived late – around 9 pm

If published itinerary accurate, several unaccounted hours in his timeline
details confirm Ramadan checked into Hilton Lyon  (Le Muslim Post)

Christelle has disability in her legs

her lawsuit described “blows to face, body, forced sodomy, rape with object 
various humiliations, dragged by the hair, urinated on.”

She revealed Ramadan had small scar on groin 
would not have been noticed except in close contact

Christelle received many SMS from Ramadan
one on Oct 10 at 19:29 saying “sorry” for violence

Ramadan being held in French prison since Feb 2 on rape charges 

Ramadan grandson of Muslim Brotherhood founder Hasan al-Banna

My comments :  

Havent I said before - the religious people are the biggest liars.

The woman Christelle says that Tariq Ramadan raped her in Lyons "in the afternoon" of October 9, 2009.   

Tariq Ramadan claimed he only landed at the airport in Lyons at 6.30PM and went straight to the Hilton Hotel by 7:30PM. (He was a guest speaker at an Islamic conference in Lyons). So how could he have raped her?

Now,  the conference organisers (the Young Muslims Union - of France??) have clarified that Tariq Ramadan actually landed at Lyons Airport much earlier at 11.15 am in the morning of October 9th, 2009.  

NOT AT 6.30PM as he claims.  

The Young Muslims Union also says that Tariq Ramadan arrived at the Islamic conference at the hotel  ONLY AT 9 PM !!

So where was he from 11.15 AM in the morning until 9PM at night?

This information was published by the Muslim Post and picked up by Al Arabiya.

The Jews, Sabeans, the Nasara were not involved in exposing this information. 
It was exposed by the Young Muslim's Union of France, the Muslim Post and Al Arabiya from Dubai.


Rape-accused Tariq Ramadan face charges in US 
after American attorney Rabia Chaudry referred victim to federal prosecutor

Chaudry referred “Muslim victim” to prosecutor

attorney had written “there will be more [victims]” to come forward

Chaudry added: “This is not a vast international conspiracy. 
Wrongly convicted not accused of multiple similar crimes in different countries

Ramadan is grandson of Muslim Brotherhood founder Hasan al-Banna


My comments :  It looks like the camel has foraged in more than one oasis.

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