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Wednesday, February 28, 2018


Malaysia’s richest man Robert Kuok, who lives in Hong Kong, is currently under attack by not only half-past-six UMNO-Malay warlords but also from Prime Minister Najib Razak personally. The latest attack against the 94-year-old billionaire Kuok came from Tourism and Culture Minister Nazri Abdul Aziz, arguably Mr. Najib’s top mad dog.
It’s no coincidence that the notorious Mr. Nazri was unleashed just a day after his boss – PM Najib – raised eyebrows when he specifically targeted Robert Kuok in a speech, claiming that the government had provided him with the key to become the “Sugar King”. Prior to that, Tajuddin Abdul Rahman, another UMNO-Malay racist, had warned Kuok not to forget his roots.
People familiar with the government SOP (standard operating system) knew instantly this is nothing but a political drama to divert attention. The only change to the script was replacing the victim with Robert Kuok. Of course, Kuok, the man worth a staggering US$15.4 billion, didn’t become rich because of Malaysian government’s handout, but through his own effort.
Nazri Aziz Showing Finger Gesture
Najib talked as if Kuok became super-rich overnight because the government gave the Chinaman a winning lottery ticket. The prime minister argued that because the government gave Kuok the concession to trade sugar in the country, Kuok must forever become a slave and pro-UMNO. Of course Kuok needed a license to operate his business otherwise it would be illegal, would it not?
And from where do you think Kuok needed to apply his concession license if not from the government? Had Kuok failed in his sugar and rice trading business, would Najib proudly take the blame as well? Going by Najib’s idiotic logic, people who make money in stock market should be thankful and grateful to the government for setting up stock exchange and allowing stock trading.
On the contrary, it was Malaysian government which should be grateful to Robert Kuok because without him, the government’s coffer would not be flushed with more than 50% in taxes. In the same breath, it was because of excessive taxes that the billionaire finally decided to move to Hong Kong in 1974, forming Kerry Holdings Ltd with a capital of HK$10 million.
Robert Kuok Hock Nien
In case Najib and his band of mad dogs have forgotten, Kuok was also the man instrumental in setting up of MISC (Malaysian International Shipping Corporation), Bank Bumiputera and even PERNAS (National Corporation). Of course, when MISC and Bank Bumiputera fell into the hands of parasites like UMNO-Malays, they either went bust or needed massive bailout.
Kuok had begun his trading business years before the dawn of the NEP (New Economic Policy) era. He made his fortune by creating a niche in sugar and flour refinery, trading and hotels. The government did nothing but watch and collect taxes. And Najib’s shameless father had the cheek to demand free shares – first 20%, follows by another 20% – from Kuok’s MISC.
It’s pathetic that Najib’s henchman, Nazri has challenged the 94-year-old billionaire Kuok to contest in the coming general election. Mr. Nazri, known for this thuggish and poor upbringing, also called the Hong Kong-based tycoon a “coward with no testicles.” He also demanded Kuok to surrender his Malaysian citizenship.
Tourism and Culture Minister Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz with Performers
Actually, Nazri should instead ask his boss Najib to strip Robert Kuok of his citizenship – if indeed the prime minister has balls at all. Then, the UMNO parasites could seize all of Kuok’s assets in Malaysia – easily worth tens of billions of US dollars – and then divide the wealth among those thieves of UMNO, as they would normally do with their ill-gotten money.
The question is – do Najib, Nazri, Tajuddin and other UMNO scumbags dare to rob Kuok of his citizenship and wealth? Why don’t Najib arrest Robert Kuok and use the Kangaroo Court to charge him for trying to overthrow the government? Heck, they can even throw in accusations of insulting the Malays, Islam and Agong (King) too. Clearly, they don’t have the balls to do so.
The simple fact that Nazri told Kuok to “surrender” instead of commanding the government to “strip” the billionaire’s citizenship, the same way they would normally do to ordinary people, speaks volumes about Nazri’s cowardice. Like it or not, they knew Robert Kuok is untouchable. That’s because Kuok has a very close relationship with Beijing.
Robert Kuok Meets Deng Xiaoping – Deng Last Official Meeting
Billionaire Robert Kuok with China President Xi Jinping
In fact, stellar tycoon Robert Kuok is President Xi Jinping’s most trusted man in the country – although braggart Najib son of Razak would like to think the Chinese president likes him more. Kuok was such a respectable man in China that his meeting with paramount leader Deng Xiaoping was the last official meeting granted by Beijing before the Chinese leader stopped accepting visitors.
The respect for Kuok continues even after Xi Jinping took over. When China setup its first university abroad, the Xiamen University Malaysia Campus, at Salak Tinggi near Sepang, Robert Kuok donated RM100 million for its construction. And when Xi Jinping attended the China-Malaysia Economic Summit in Kuala Lumpur in 2013, who do you think accompanied the Chinese leader?
Well, it was Robert Kuok, of course. And if you think President Xi is another pariah Chinaman, think again. China’s governing Communist Party has just proposed removing a clause in the constitution which limits presidencies to two five-year terms. Essentially, President Xi Jinping is on the path to become more powerful than Donald Trump, or even Vladimir Putin.
Emperor Xi Jinping
Xi can now extend his presidency beyond 2023 and he can actually rule for as long as he wishes to. When a delegation of 70 of the richest and most influential figures in Hong Kong flew to Beijing for a visit with Xi Jinping in 2014, the first of its kind since 2003, Robert Kuok was invited too where he brought along his son Kuok Khoon-chen.
Obviously, Kuok’s influence with the Chinese leaders in mainland China cannot and should not be underestimated. Unlike ungrateful UMNO-Malays such as Najib Razak, Beijing is still grateful to the renowned Sugar King, who secretly helped China overcome a severe sugar shortage in the early 1970s. The Chinese government’s trust and affection for Kuok didn’t stop there.
Whenever Chinese leaders visit Kuala Lumpur or Singapore, they deliberately choose to stay at Mr. Kuok’s Shangri-La hotel and that includes former president Hu Jintao and subsequently his successor, Xi Jinping. Even Najib’s former Special Envoy to China, ex-MCA President Ong Ka Tin1g, had to seek blessing from Kuok on certain crucial matters.
Robert Kuok - Chinese Caligraphy
That’s why Ong Ka Chuan, the elder brother of Ong Ka Ting, panicked and came out of hiding to defend Robert Kuok. Mr. Ong knew the allegations over Kuok’s funding for opposition parties were baseless and dangerous, even though playing the racial cards could rally the Malay votes for his boss Najib Razak. He also knew it could jeopardise Kuok’s funding for MCA.
Go ahead, attack Robert Kuok like a mad dog. The stunt may backfire and instead rally the Chinese voters (who have otherwise decided to abstain from voting) to come out and vote in droves again for the opposition parties. Najib and his boys should be careful what they wish for. The personal attack on Kuok could be seen as an attack on Beijing, which may lead to retaliation.
With European Union boycotting and banning the use of palm oil in biofuels, producers such as Malaysia should not think with their toes about declaring a war with China’s most trusted man. An offended Beijing could simply send hints of stopping the import of palm oil from Malaysia. That would have marvellous effect on Felda settlers and stock prices.
Chinese Ambassador Huang Hui Kang and Wife at Petaling Street Chinatown
When Najib unleashed his Red Shirt thugs with an intention to terrorize the Chinatown at Petaling Street in 2015, China’s Ambassador to Malaysia Dr Huang Huikang deliberately paid a short visit to the Chinatown, sending a message to Najib regime that China would not tolerate violence, let alone bloody racial riots targeting the Chinese community.
And now, the son of Razak foolishly tries to insult and threaten Robert Kuok, the single most trusted adviser of President Xi Jinping on Malaysian matters? If a state leader like Najib dares to intimidate an influential figure like Robert Kuok, imagine what the bully has been doing all these years to the ordinary Malaysian Chinese folks, who pay 90% of the country’s taxes.
But wait, what about the photo of Robert Kuok’s nephew, James Kuok, having group photo with opposition party DAP as published by Najib’s top-paid fake news blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin? Simple – James could be there just to assess, on behalf of China, the types of foreign policies that the opposition would adopt should Pakatan Harapan (Hope’s Alliance) win the election.
James Kuok Having Group Photo With Opposition DAP
Hee Yit Fong with Najib - Defects After Paid RM25 Million
Get real, do you think James would be so stupid that he took photos after handover bags of cash to the opposition party? But even if Beijing wanted Kuok to fund the opposition for the sake of hedging and protecting its interests, what’s wrong with that? After all, Najib himself told Vincent Tan to pay former opposition Hee Yit Fong RM25 million to defect, causing the collapse of Perak state government.
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