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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Yoursay: Like sun rises from the east, Pekan Umno threatens violence

YOURSAY | Does the law of the jungle prevail in Pahang and in particular, Pekan?
Versey: Prime Minister Najib Razak ought to know that no leader of any democratic country would condone such a threat being issued to anyone, least of all a former PM of the country, who did nothing illegal.
Dr Mahathir Mohamad has every right to visit a place and to convey his opinions about national issues. Hasn’t Najib’s Communications Minister Salleh Said Keruak called his boss a gentleman?
As a gentleman and PM of a democratic country, Najib should ensure Dr M’s visit to Pekan and his ceramah are carried out smoothly without any disturbances. The rakyat shall judge for themselves if what they were told about Najb’s character was indeed true.
By the way, what happened to the police? Have they forgotten that they are paid by taxpayers to uphold law and order to maintain public order in this country?
If they could not even take care of these local ‘samseng’ (gangsters) in Pekan, how could anyone trust that they could handle bigger threats such as terrorists?
Annonymous: Why fear a 92-year-old man? When I attend BN political ceramahs, there were no threats of violence or any disturbances.
But when I attend opposition’s ceramahs, there were often threats of violence (even before the event) against opposition leaders and MPs exercising their democratic rights.
Why? Who are the perpetrators terrorising the people and threatening the peace in this country? No civilised party or good leader would resort to threats and violence to achieve their political agenda.
When Najib made a trip to Permatang Pauh, the stronghold of PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim, to canvas for votes, why was there no threat of violence or warnings of people in the area planning to do “many things"?
How could we know “there are going to be problems, there will be fights," as Pekan Umno division committee member Abdul Rahim Yahya told Malaysiakini?
Surely the influential Umno leaders in power and the police could warn the perpetrators or easily arrest those who are out to cause violence, right?
Why is it Umno leaders could peacefully visit any opposition stronghold without any "fights” or threat of violence but when opposition leaders/MPs visit BN strongholds, there are so many "planning to do many things"?
Anonymous 2475871497500343: Indeed, Abdul Rahim Yahya is an instigator. How can he foresee there will be trouble ahead when Mahathir is visiting the settlers?
If the opposition were to warn any Umno leader with a similar threat, they would be detained for investigation.
How come Najib can visit Langkawi without a hitch? It's because there are no appointed "legalised thugs" by Pakatan Harapan.
Newday: Abdul Rahim, why don't you just say there will be violence. An ex-PM is treated this way just because he is now opposing your esteemed leader?
This is not modern Malaysia - this is a backward step to feudal times when violence was the only way issues were settled.
I suppose Umno leader Jamal Md Yunos has really set the standard for all BN supporters to follow - violence against people you don't like is now condoned and encouraged.
Is this where you want Malaysia to head, Abdul Rahim? Shame on you and all those who reckon violence is the only way.
I don't really expect your serving MP to come out and make a strong stand against violent threats, as his previous silence on these matters indicates.
Is that what a PM is supposed to be? No. Is this what he wants - threats and intimidation by others to do the dirty work for him? I guess so.
Hearty Malaysian: Is Abdul Rahim the spokesman for the police in Pekan by his statement that the police also say it is better not to have the programme? It is a threat against Dr M, thus the police must investigate and ensure peace during his visit.
Will Najib put his foot down to discipline his Pekan Umno‘s thugs or we are going to see his typical thundering silence once again?
Come on, PM, show us you respect democracy instead of condoning Umno’s thuggish behaviours.
Disgusted: Does the law of the jungle prevail in Pahang and in particular, Pekan? Mahathir has every right to be in Pekan as the leader of a political party as well as an ordinary citizen and the police are duty bound to protect him and arrest any troublemakers.
Pekan Umno members are acting like mafia or lowly thugs. The police did not say that Mahathir can't go to Pekan because they can't control the situation.
If they say so, they should not be in the police force and should be charged with dereliction of duty. The police should be apolitical and protect all.
RM2.6 Billion Turkey Haram: Inspector-general of police (IGP) Fuzi Harun, are the police so weak that they are unable to act against this Umno leader?
Mahathir is exercising his legal rights to visit the Felda settlers, while for Abdul Rahim to threaten to cause possibly riots is completely wrong.
The law-abiding citizens are dependent on the police to protect them. As such, the police are duty-bound to protect Mahathir.
Rick Teo: If Najib is a real statesman, he will tell PDRM (Royal Malaysian Police) to ensure that Mahathir can go to Pekan without people causing trouble. Or is he afraid of what Mahathir may say to the Pekan voters?
The only way these hooligans know is using violence to prevent people from hearing what the opposition has to say. In short, they are afraid of the truth.
Clever Voter: We are seeing interesting times. Just when Najib thought he had locked up his number one adversary in Sungai Buloh, now he faces a bigger challenger - his ex-boss.
Mahathir, despite the propaganda against him, remains a magnet to thousands of local folks. He is no pushover despite his age, but intimidation and threats are beginning to surface.
This is not unexpected and it is the duty of security forces to safeguard and allow democratic processes rather than to use threats of violence as a reason to impose a ban.
But it wouldn't surprise anyone if the latter is preferred.- Mkini

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